Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Activities

We had a busy week this last week. This year my dad and David grew awesome gardens. My dad decided he wanted to grow pumpkins for the grandkids. We soon discovered that one pumpkin was taking all the nutrients from the other pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins would grow to be about 3 inches and then all of a sudden start dying. Except one! We picked this pumpkin last Sunday and it was huge and so heavy! In height it was just a little smaller than Logan, but weighed more than twice as much! 55 lbs!!

Logan Standing next to the pumpkin.

Sitting on the pumpkin.

David and Mark playing catch with the pumpkin!

Then on Thursday we went to Emily's school for their Halloween party. We have been putting Logan's costume on him once a week for the last two months to try to get him to not cry when he would wear it. It paid off. He wore it the whole time and didn't cry once. We had lots of fun. Layne was there too and Logan was like his little puppy dog. Their favorite thing to do was the ghost/pumpkin bowling. They also made witch hands out of popcorn and played ring toss with a big spider. It was lots of fun. Thank you for letting us come Emily!

Logan in his costume. Layne didn't have his costume yet.

Playing ghost/pumpkin bowling.

Witch hands!

Then on Friday we went to a carnival at a local farm. It was a lot of fun. They had hay rides and a bounce house, vendors, face painting, and games. I really wanted Logan to get his face painted because we had never done it before. I planned on it being his turn and him freaking out and not doing it. But that didn't happen. He sat so still and did awesome! And to make it better right before I was about to give her our tickets we won a raffle and got free face painting. Then we went on the hay ride around the farm and Logan did awesome on that too. We then played some games and all the kids went on the bounce house. Including Logan. Again I expected him to go in and scream. But he didn't. He loved it. This kid is sure growing up and doing a lot that he never would before. He is at the best stage right now!! We had a very fall festive week and it was so much fun!!

Logan getting his face painted.

Waiting for the hay ride! The Aulai kids are so awesome with Logan and he asks for them often throughout the week.

On the hayride.

Jumping in the bounce house!

Playing a fishing game. He played three games and won two pairs of fake vampire teeth and a pirate eye patch.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Which Witch is Which?

For playdate this week we decided to go to Gardener Village to see the witches. It was absolutely perfect weather! The kids had so much fun. Last year when we went they were all either very scared or at least weary of going near the witches. This year they were much braver. Logan was terrified of the witch that moved but the other two got pretty close. Until looking at the last witch when Annie was all of a sudden scared. It could have been because of the fake spider next to the witch. Anyway, we had so much fun going in all the little shops and walking around spotting the witches all around. We will definitely be going back in the next week if the weather stays nice to take real pictures of Logan. It was so festive!

Just drinking his juice.

They were so good at posing for me to take pictures.

This is the witch Logan was scared of. You can tell he is trying to run away cause he is barely in the shot.

And this is the one Annie was scared of.