Thursday, January 28, 2010


Yesterday was free day at the zoo. During the winter months the Hogle Zoo does free zoo day on the last Wednesday of every month. We were a little nervous about the weather, but it ended up not being too cold and a lot of the exhibits were inside. I hadn't been to the zoo in probably 14 years or so, so I was really excited to go. We went with my mom, Layne, Emily and the Aulai kids. I was so glad they could come because Logan loves them so much! It was a pretty enjoyable day. Logan had some troubles with other kids that we didn't know. If they got in his personal space, he would push them. I am not sure where he learned this and why he is doing it. Hopefully it is just a little phase. My favorite of course was the giraffe and I think that was Logan's too because we could get right up next to them. There was one giraffe who was literally a foot away. I can't wait to go in the summer when Logan is a little older and all of the animals will be there.

All the kids after the ape house.

Eating lunch. However, for Logan it is more like looking at the food but not eating it.

4 of the kids in the giraffe house.

Logan and I finally getting a picture with the giraffes. Its amazing to me that parents see someone taking a picture and don't stop their kids from getting in it!

Logan looking at the porcupine.

All of the kids in a random boat at the zoo.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new hobby!

For the past several months our Relief Society has been doing a crochet night every so often. I always want to go because they make the cutest hats, but I never have the courage to go by myself. It is beyond out of my comfort zone to go to any Relief Society thing by myself. When they announced it again this last Sunday I decided I was for sure going to go. My sister Hilary and sister in law Elana came with me. I am so happy I went! When I use to work a lady I worked with taught me how to crochet blankets but that's it, so to be able to learn different stitches is really fun for me. I love how they look! My sister and I also make flower clips for little girls hair and they flowers look so cute hooked to the hats.
My mom has a blog where she writes about 10 things that make her happy each week, but she also does giveaways. Right now if you go to her blog and become a follower you could win 6 Valentines day clippies, and within the next month I am going to be making a hat for her to giveaway. Everyone should go be a follower! Her blog address is I am not sure how to put a link in my post so you can just click on it to go there, but it is on my sidebar.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Eve

I got pictures from my sister of Christmas Eve so I thought I would post a few for journaling because I think they are cute. We had a wonderful as usual Christmas Eve. It started out at Red Lobster with David's family. After that we went to his parents house for a little while and talked. Later we went to my grandparents and did the annual Talent Show/Nativity/Santa Clause/Gift Exchange festivities. Christmas Eve is definitely my favorite holiday. More so than Christmas Day, and this year Logan made it the best one I have ever had by singing Jingle Bells in the family talent show all by himself. He kept telling me he wouldn't do it, but then Layne got up and did it and Logan couldn't resist the microphone. It was a proud moment for me. I was also very proud when he was a shepherd in the Nativity. He looked so cute and, although wild, did great! I love our traditions!

Singing Jingle Bells.

Logan as a shepherd.