Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Most of this mess is the doing of 14 hours of shopping on Black Friday. It was a lot of bags. Just for me i brought home at least ten bags. We got so much stuff and had so much fun. Every year my sisters, aunts, and i go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. We look forward to this day every year and start countdowns months before. We all get together with our ads after eating on Thanksgiving and start our game plans. What we do is we all pick where we are going first. We all split up to get more of a chance for everyone to get everything they want. So we all split up and then meet up for breakfast after all of the doorbusters are over and we swap what was bought for each person. Normally my sisters and i go to Shopko first because they used to be one of the only stores that opened at five. But this year Walmart had so many good deals that we just had to go there first. It was complete madness. We went to a walmart that was 24 hours so what they did is they had all of their sale items covered in black and everyone just stood around what they wanted. Once they opened everyone just swarmed. I wanted to get a camera for me and a different kind of camera for my sister. Let me tell you being by the cameras was ridiculous. They were a really good price. Luckily i got both. Leslie was trying to get a Kitchen Aid mixer for both of us but there were so few that she only got one. I was so bummed cause it was such a good price. Well my wonderful dad went online to and found one for me for the same price and ordered it. I was so excited. Well after being up at 3:30 and 11 stores later(walmart 3 of those times) we got pretty much everything we wanted and what everyone else wanted and i even came home with a lot of extra money. It was so much fun but it was so exhausting. I have not been this tired in so long.

11 Months

Yesterday along with it being Thanksgiving Logan also turned 11 months. I cannot believe how fast the past year has gone. It feels like i was just at the hospital a couple months ago having Logan and now he is so big. He is starting to walk and talk and is just so much fun. Part of me just wishes i could freeze time and keep him this age forever even though i know he is just going to get to be more and more fun as time goes on. I can't wait to see what the next month brings and to see what else he starts to do and learn before his first birthday.

Well, it was also Thanksgiving. We had a very full day. We woke up and got ready and David went to his parents house to play risk with his brothers while i went to my parents house and my sister and i did each others hair while looking at Black Friday ads. Logan and i then went to David's parents house and hung out for a while before we ate. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner(well lunch) and then sat around and chatted for a while. After hanging out for a bit we went to my grandparents house for our second Thanksgiving dinner. It was about 3 1/2 hours after the dinner at Davids parents so our stomachs had time to get at least a little but hungry again. That dinner was great too. Then me and my sisters and aunts all looked at Black Friday ads again and made a game plan for today. We then played games and went home. It was quite a busy exhausting day but we love that we live so close to family that we get to do holidays with both sides.

Monday, November 24, 2008

FIRST STEPS and listening to music

So today was a very exciting day. Logan took his first steps! Logan and I were at my parents house and i was holding on to him so he could walk to my sister. So i let go and he took one step. We figured totally accidental. So then i sat on the floor and did it again and he took THREE steps. It was really exciting. He was terrified though. He started crying and anytime we tried to get him to walk for the next ten minutes he would just hurry and sit down. So when David got home from work he was really bummed he missed it. So he sat on the floor with Logan and he took another step. This time he did not cry. So we are on our way to a walker. He just has to get the guts first. Its funny that he is scared cause he is really a daring kid when it comes to climbing. He will climb on anything and he tries to dive off of things. I think for sure though in the next couple weeks he will be walking. He just needs some practice and a lot of clapping when he does it right.

Also today(well tonight) David was listening to music on the computer with headphones and he gave one to Logan to listen to and he LOVED it. He was holding it up to his hear and listening. At one point he wanted the headphone that David had in his ear so he tried to trade his binky for the one that David had. David let him keep his binky and switched him and Logan kept it by his ear and listened. It is amazing what babies pick up on. So in this picture he is putting the ear thing up to his ear to hear the music. He is so dang cute!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night at midnight i went and saw Twilight. We had so much fun. There was a big group of us i think there were fourteen of us. About a month ago Rebecca Aulai called in a panic that tickets went on sale that day and it was already sold out almost everywhere unless you wanted to sit on the front row. Luckily she found tickets for Jordan Landing, but way lame they didn't have reserved seating. So a few people went and waited in line so we would get good seats all next to each other. They said they would be letting peopple in theaters at 9:00 but luckily let them in around six thirty. Me, Hilary, and Leslie got there around nine forty five. Now normally i am totally not a dressing up for movies kind of person but Emily made us some shirts with sayings on them and they were really cute. Mine said everytime i hear thunder i wonder if vampires are playing baseball. Some others were I went to forks and all i got was this lousy imprint, and Forget princess i would rather be a vampire. They were fun. I did feel a little silly wearing it though. But it was fun and the movie was really good. I really liked it a lot. For all of those out there that did not think Robert Pattinson would be a good Edward i agreed but he really grew on me during the movie and now i just think he is so dreamy. There were definitely parts that i didn't like but overall i really liked it and can't wait to see it again.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Background

Alright so i am a Christmas fanatic. I absolutely love it. When everyone else is complaining about Christmas music the day after Halloween i have already been listening to it for a couple weeks. I love when all the stores get up their Christmas decorations. So the day after Halloween i went to change my background to Christmas and they didn't have a single Christmas background. So i was talking to my aunt about it last night and she said she had looked and they had some now. So i just had to go look. I was so excited to pick one out. It was between this one and another one so I got David's opinion and he liked this one better. He doesn't normally care about things with the blog and i am sure he didn't really care about this either but i was glad to get his opinion. So here it is!! My wonderful Christmas background. And for those who say don't forget about Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, i don't feel like i do that. I love Thanksgiving too. It really is just the holiday season that i love!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as most of you know or at least can see in pictures Logan has had his two bottom teeth for about three months now. Well he now has one more on the top and another one coming in. I must say him getting his top teeth has been a lot more treaterous(spelling?) It has been awful. The first time he was a little fussy, no real fevers, no blowout diapers, he would let us rub his gums to help them feel better. This time he is crying like crazy, which is really unusual for him. He has had fevers like crazy, has ruined at least three onesies with blowouts, and won't even let us go near his mouth. Poor little guy. I feel so helpless. I know he is in pain and pretty much all i can do is give him baby tylenol which usually takes a half and hour to work. I sure feel bad for him. And i hate to say it but i sure feel bad for me too. I am really grateful that i don't have a cryer all the time. Hopefully once this fourth tooth comes in he will be a lot happier. At least until the next set comes in. (I know i already posted this picture but its a good one of his teeth!)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Pictures

Finally!! We got our family pictures taken almost a month ago but have had some problems getting them to work on the computer. So finally we got it all worked out and i am so happy with them. We went up Little Cottonwood canyon and got them done. My wonderful sister Hilary took them and did a wonderful job. This was her first time doing pictures like this and she did awesome. We definitely learned that we need to bring a little kid to make Logan happy. It was pretty chilly and he had just woken up from his nap. So now we know to bring Lincoln to make him smile. But all in all i really like our pictures. It was really hard to choose which ones of Logan were best.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So finally another post. David was in California all last week for training for work and he had our computer with him. So this will be about the whole last week. Well first like i mentioned David was in California from Sunday until Friday. It was really hard and sad having him gone. Logan and i missed him so much. Last time he went out of town we stayed at my moms house and Logan slept horribly cause he had to sleep in a pack n play and that started sleeping problems that lasted for two months. So this time my wonderful sisters slept at my house with me so Logan could sleep in his own bed. That definitely made David being gone easier and we had lots of fun with Hilary and Leslie. We really didn't do many activities this week until Halloween day. On Halloween we went to Sizzler with my mom, Hilary, and Leslie. Then we went to my dads work with Logan in his costume cause they were doing trick or treating which Logan didn't do but my dad sure loved showing Logan off. Then we went to trunk or treat at my parents ward since David was still gone. It was a pretty fun Halloween but sad David missed Logan's first. So now its saturday and David is home. In the morning we just relaxed then went to my parents house do David could work on the addition and Hilary and Logan and I went shopping. Then the BYU game. I would just love to watch another shut out and not have it come down to the last minute on if we are going to win or not. As they say a win is a win but i would like it to be a WIN not just a win. Then we went to David's parents house to see his grandma who was in town. And today ended our month long Halloween festivities. We went to my grandparents house for our annual Halloween party. We dress up and have soups for dinner( which it was perfect weather for) and do a spook alley in the basement. And i must say it was a wonderful spook alley this year. Very impressive work. This is a picture from the party and of Logan in his cute little costume that he got to wear one more time.