Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Most of this mess is the doing of 14 hours of shopping on Black Friday. It was a lot of bags. Just for me i brought home at least ten bags. We got so much stuff and had so much fun. Every year my sisters, aunts, and i go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. We look forward to this day every year and start countdowns months before. We all get together with our ads after eating on Thanksgiving and start our game plans. What we do is we all pick where we are going first. We all split up to get more of a chance for everyone to get everything they want. So we all split up and then meet up for breakfast after all of the doorbusters are over and we swap what was bought for each person. Normally my sisters and i go to Shopko first because they used to be one of the only stores that opened at five. But this year Walmart had so many good deals that we just had to go there first. It was complete madness. We went to a walmart that was 24 hours so what they did is they had all of their sale items covered in black and everyone just stood around what they wanted. Once they opened everyone just swarmed. I wanted to get a camera for me and a different kind of camera for my sister. Let me tell you being by the cameras was ridiculous. They were a really good price. Luckily i got both. Leslie was trying to get a Kitchen Aid mixer for both of us but there were so few that she only got one. I was so bummed cause it was such a good price. Well my wonderful dad went online to and found one for me for the same price and ordered it. I was so excited. Well after being up at 3:30 and 11 stores later(walmart 3 of those times) we got pretty much everything we wanted and what everyone else wanted and i even came home with a lot of extra money. It was so much fun but it was so exhausting. I have not been this tired in so long.


Debbie said...

Yea for Black Friday! I love it! It's very smart how you all divide the stores up, and buy for each other. That way you get everything you want! I wondered how the 24-hour Walmart would do it. That's very interesting. I'm glad you got everything you wanted. Your dad is so cool to find you that Kitchen Aid Mixer! I just love mine! Whatever you do, don't do the mall at midnight on Black Friday. Jake and I did it, and it was a waste of time. Fun, crazy date though, sitting outside in the cold for 2 1/2 hours! :)

Teresa Farmer said...

Wow you are a daring women. I have a hard time shopping on black friday because of everyone rushing to things but I guess it is worth it when you get all you want. That is awesome all the things that you got. I am glad that you enjoyed your thanksgiving.

Keith said...

I love Black Friday too!! I took a four hour nap after I got home. Then I slept in until 11 on Saturday. It really wiped me out being up so early but totally worth it.