Saturday, December 6, 2008

Festival of trees and Santa Clause

Today we had our ward Christmas breakfast. I am on the committee so we had to go. But it ended up that David had to work so since i didn't want to go by myself my wonderful sister came and watched Logan while i helped out. After breakfast Santa Clause came. This was Logan's first experience with Santa and he did pretty good. He was being shy and a mama's boy all morning so i didn't expect him to love santa but all he did was arch his back to try to get away. He didn't cry or scream or anything. At one point he did notice his beard and stared at that for a while but he did really well. I am glad i didn't have a crying baby on my hands.

Yesterday for playdate we went to Festival of trees. It was a lot of fun. We were there for about three hours and still didn't even see everything. They had a lot of very interesting trees. They had one tree that was made all of golf clubs and was called "Tee'd" off at Christmas. There were a lot of in memory trees and game trees. And a lot of fairy and tinkerbell trees. They even had a set up of a group of four trees one one side and four on the other and the big middle tree was blown glass and they lights were blinking to Christmas carols. It was fun. We had a lot of fun and i love that we do playdates every week. It is nice that Logan knows that kids that we go with and that he is really starting to interact with them. He loves playing with kids and follows them around to play. It is really cute.

This is the only tree that he laughed at and started clapping at. It was covered in gingerbread men.


Teresa Farmer said...

That looked like so much fun. We didn't get a chance to go to festival of trees this year but I want to try to go there next year. It is a lot of fun to see all the different trees

I'm Thankful for... said...

That is funny! I wonder why he liked that tree so much?