Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh the joys of Parenthood

Yesterday morning i woke up to feed Logan. I fed him and he fell back asleep which is pretty common. I lifted him up and burped him and he spit up. Or so i thought it was spit up. It was a lot which was weird and he really doesn't spit up anymore, which was weird. I cleaned it up and brought him up to my bed with me. Well he woke up about an hour later and David got up with him because it was his day off. About two hours later David brought Logan into our room and told me that he had thrown up about five more times in that short period of time. Yep thats right i said throw up.

Now a lot of you probably know that i am terrified of throwing up. It scares me so bad that i am going to throw up. I know its lame but its true. So when David and I were first dating i told him that i would change all of the poopy diapers if he would clean up all of the throw up. Well i definitely do not change all the poopy diapers and it turns out i don't mind cleaning up my baby's throw up. I for sure thought i wouldn't even want to be by him but it is worth it for me to be able to snuggle my baby. I for sure am still totally scared that i am going to get sick though. Its really sad to see him so sick.

He threw up all day. I would say at least 10 times. We figured he would be fine by morning. When he woke up this morning i went and got him out of bed and there was no throw up so i figured yay he is fine. Not more than a minute later he started dryheaving. It was really sad. We then decided that we needed to call the dr. since it had been more than 24 hours. He threw up probably four more times today and then we went to the dr. Logan is not dehydrated so the dr just gave us a prescription for anti nausea and hopefully it will start working cause Logan has not had anything to eat or pretty much drink for two days.

Also i do have to mention one more thing. I have the coolest grandpa ever. My grandpa worked with Mike Leavitt in Washington DC at Health and Human Services. Well Leavitt had to resign because Bush wasn't president anymore. The new Secretary had not been confirmed by the senate yet so they had to appoint and acting Secretary of HHS. They chose my grandpa. Secret service has to pick him up everyday and they take him to work in a black SUV. And we just found out the other day that he is tenth in line to be the President. Tenth!! I think it is so cool that he is in the presidents cabinet even if it is only until Tom Dashel gets confirmed by the Senate.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday my sisters invited us to go to Tucanos with them, but David's siblings were coming to our house later that night and we had to many errands to do. So they asked if Logan could still come and of course we jumped at the chance to have the day to ourselves to get things done. So I asked my sister to take pictures. They got some great pictures of Logan trying new things. His favorite things that he tried were fried bananas and steak. He is definitely his fathers child. They said when they tried to take the steak away he started screaming. What a funny kid. It amazes me that he is turning more into a little boy rather than a baby every day! It was so nice to be able to get things done without him though. I also have to post about what happened tonight. We celebrated chinese new year by having chinese food at my parents house for dinner. Logan didn't like the noodles or the rice but he LOVED the egg rolls. How weird. But at least he liked something.
I love this picture of him with is tongue out.

Probably one of Logans favorite things to chew on is spoons.

I have no clue what this piece of food is but his face is priceless!

Logan is standing in his high chair. He hates sitting for too long.

Logan has so much fun with his uncle Lincoln. He thinks he is so funny! I think in this picture Lincoln is eating chicken hearts. He loves them. Disgusting!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yesterday we went to my nephews birthday party at Chuck e Cheese. It was a lot of fun. He decided he wanted to have a super hero party so there were super hero cups and plates and table cloth. Also, all the party favors had super heroes on them. When we got there we ordered the pizza and then Layne opened his presents. He got way fun stuff. Then we ate our lunch and watched the little show for a while. Logan was captivated by the singing animals on stage. He just stared at them. It was so cute to see him be excited about it. Then the kids went and played games and we put Logan on some rides. He was terrified. He just screamed the whole time. There was one ride that he really liked. It was a car that barely moved but had two steering wheels. So we sat him in the middle and he played with both. Well on his second time on the ride this little boy came up and pushed logan out of the middle and climbed on. I was about to pull him off til i saw his mom and i assumed she would pull him off, but no. She said is that alright? Like i am going to say no. It amazes me how some parents act. Anyway then we had cake and the kids played some more. It was a fun party.

Layne opening his gifts.

Logan on his first ride. He looks not too unhappy here but just about two seconds after this he started screaming.

Annie and Layne on a truck ride.

This is Logan on the ride that Logan liked but that kid climbed on and ruined it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logan is finally walking!!

Logan is finally walking!! About a month and a half ago just a couple of days before Thanksgiving Logan took three steps. Then he decided he wouldn't do it again until Christmas eve where he took about five steps. Then on Christmas day he went back and forth a couple times. Well he really hasn't wanted to do it again since then. Until Friday. On Friday he was walking between me and my mom and did it about 3 times. Well tonight he was walking like crazy!! He loved it. He was walking more than crawling. He was even walking next to the couch and trying so hard not to hold on. What a cute boy! This has been a long time coming. He has been so scared to walk, or maybe its just been that he is stubborn. He has been climbing for months on everything but just wouldn't walk. Well we now have a walker on our hands. When he would fall he would try so hard to stand up by himself but couldn't so he would look at me and start to cry til i helped him stand up. For some reason i can't ever figure out how to put videos on my blog so i guess i can't show how wonderfully cute my baby is walking. Someday maybe i will figure it out. But in the meantime i do know how to put pictures on here so here is a picture of him standing by himself.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Making Martians

Yesterday for playdate we made martians. For Christmas Layne got this cool thing where you make little gummy martians. You pick a head and a body and push them into playdough to make a mold of what you want your alien to look like. Then once you make your mold you pour this goop in it and put another saucer of playdough over it and let it sit for five minutes so the goop can set up. Then after it sets you have these gummy(not eating kind of gummy) martians that you play with. It comes with a little planetarium/terrerium type thing that you put them in. It also comes with a flying saucer. It was a fun activity and the kids loved it!!

The martians "home".

Making the martians.

Our finished product.