Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday my sisters invited us to go to Tucanos with them, but David's siblings were coming to our house later that night and we had to many errands to do. So they asked if Logan could still come and of course we jumped at the chance to have the day to ourselves to get things done. So I asked my sister to take pictures. They got some great pictures of Logan trying new things. His favorite things that he tried were fried bananas and steak. He is definitely his fathers child. They said when they tried to take the steak away he started screaming. What a funny kid. It amazes me that he is turning more into a little boy rather than a baby every day! It was so nice to be able to get things done without him though. I also have to post about what happened tonight. We celebrated chinese new year by having chinese food at my parents house for dinner. Logan didn't like the noodles or the rice but he LOVED the egg rolls. How weird. But at least he liked something.
I love this picture of him with is tongue out.

Probably one of Logans favorite things to chew on is spoons.

I have no clue what this piece of food is but his face is priceless!

Logan is standing in his high chair. He hates sitting for too long.

Logan has so much fun with his uncle Lincoln. He thinks he is so funny! I think in this picture Lincoln is eating chicken hearts. He loves them. Disgusting!!


Teresa Farmer said...

Logan is adorable. I love the picture with him holding that piece of food and staring at the camera. That is good that you got a break. I love having breaks sometimes too. You get a lot more done with them.

Zion And Missy said...

Oh my gosh...he is the cutest little boy! I can decide if he looks like you or your hubby more! Either way he is very cute! I bet your mom is so happy you guys live close. Congrats on his walking! Before you know it he will be running. :)

Rachel Washburn said...

He has gotten so big since last time I saw him! Thats so cool he is eating all those foods. I know its nice to get out and have someone watch them its so helpful! I have been really lucky living at my parents cuz if I need to go somewhere really quick they just beg me to leave her.