Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Party

For most of the major holidays a lady in our neighborhood has a party for all of the young kids in the neighborhood. We were able to go to the Halloween party and yesterday we went to the Valentines Day party. It's so much fun to get together with the ladies in the ward and let the kids do fun activities and play.

First, the decorated Valentine bags.

Logan's finished bag.

Next, they decorated cookies. Of course Logan chose red frosting.

They played BINGO...several times.

And then they delivered their Valentines into the bags they decorated.

Brooklyn was there too, but she wouldn't stand still long enough for me to take a good picture. She just kept roaming around, trying to find candy and poke the other babies. Oh and she liked taking their toys too. We had 7 girls born into our ward last year. They will all be in the same grade, but Brooklyn is about 5 months older than the next one born. So she just kept poking all of the littler babies and trying to get in their carseats. We absolutely love our ward and can't wait til the next holiday party!