Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15 month stats

Yesterday we went to Logan's 15 month Dr. appointment. Here are his stats:

Height: 29 1/2 inches--9th percentile
Weight: 20 lbs. 2 oz.-- 3rd percentile
Head circumference: I don't know size but I do know-- 80th PERCENTILE!!!

Are you kidding me!! Alright so I can't believe he is barely more than twenty pounds. When we weighed him a month and a half ago he was more than he is now. Oh well at least he is not off the charts. Second of all his head in percentile is huge!! The dr. said there is no reason to be worried especially since he is hitting all of his milestones perfectly. Still...thats crazy. I said I don't feel like his head looks too big for his body and the dr. said no not at all so that is good. And his head circumference has always been much bigger than the other percentiles. He has got a really small body so... Anyway, he also had to get 4 shots!! 4! He did pretty good when he got them. He cried a little bit and then was ok. Well about 3 hours later he had a temperature of 103.0 and was very lethargic. I called the dr. and they said to watch him. Well his temp was high the rest of the day and all night. It didn't even get better with tylenol. Finally, this morning at 7:30 his fever broke. Needless to say it was a very long night for all three of us. All is well now though. And Logan now has 3 more teeth that have popped through. These three are all molars. That brings the grand total of teeth at this point:11!!

I also just need to put down a bunch of fun things Logan is doing. He says quite a few words. He can say mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, wow, no, stop, don't, soft, hot, more, hi, uh oh, and fish. He can also sign more, no, please, thank you, fish, Hilary, candy, and milk. He loves to try to dress himself. He tries to put on his shirts, jackets, shoes, and socks. He pretends to sweep the floor and uses the swiffer. Logan loves to kick balls, play catch, get into everything, and climb on everything. He is such an active little boy and I couldn't imagine life without him. He brings so much joy to David and I. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little guy in our lives!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Celebration

As i have said before i absolutely LOVE traditions!! And todays festivities were no exception. Every year for Easter we go to my grandparents house for dinner, an egg hunt, and an egg drop. It for sure is one of the funnest holidays. We celebrated early this year because my grandpa was in town for the weekend from Washington DC. I was definitely looking forward to it especially because Logan is old enough that he could go on the egg hunt this year. Well stupid Utah weather was going to make it not be able to happen. We would have done it at a later time but it would have been different since we considered this as Easter. Well despite the terrible snow we still did the Easter egg hunt. The older grandkids just hid the eggs downstairs in the basement and it was just as fun. Logan loved it. I think mostly he loved running around with the other kids. However, he did also really love shaking the eggs because there was money in them and he loved the sound they made. He ended up getting $4.80 from his eggs he found! Thats going right in his football bank. I am so glad that we were still able to do all of the fun things we always have while my grandpa was in town.

The egg drop was a little more difficult because of the snow, but most braved the snow to watch the festivities. I was not one of them. We didn't do an egg drop this year because we just could not think of anything to do. Everyone better watch out next year though cause we are starting to plan now!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all the fun traditions!!

Logan found and egg and was putting it in his cute giraffe Easter basket!

Here he found and egg but he also found a ball that he wanted to play with more.

Lookind for more eggs!

Still looking!

Here we are dumping out the candy and money. He loved the candy!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The story of Logan

Since i use my blog as my journal i figured it was time to write down my experience with having Logan. I don't want to foget it and this is the best way for me to remember it always. So if you are not in the mood to read a long story don't feel like you have to.

It all started at about 7 months along. I went to my dr. appointment and my blood pressure was high. They said sometimes that is normal so we will take it again at the end of the appointment. Well at the end it was still high. So that is when i had to start coming in every week or so to get my blood pressure taken so they could start looking for signs of pre-eclampsia. At about 34 weeks i had to start going in every couple of days. I was so swollen and was just ready to be done. I was planning on working up until 38 weeks but my dr put me on bed rest at 36, which was fine with me i was ready to be done working. That was right around Christmas though and so i could not do any of my Christmas shopping. Mom and Hilary did it all for me.

So i had an appointment on Christmas eve and of course my blood pressure was high, so my dr. said i am not going to make you go to the hospital today because it is Christmas but the day after Tomorrow you have to call Labor and Delivery to set up a time to get a stress test done. So we do all of our fabulous Christmas activities and i packed about half my stuff just in case i had to stay at the hospital to have our little guy, not really thinking we would need to(which is why i only halfway packed). The day after Christmas we went in and got the stress test done and my blood pressure was the highest it had ever been. My Dr. came in and said looks like you're staying and gonna have a baby. We were shocked!! They got me into a room and started softening my cervix right away and i started having contractions right away. However, my contractions were not normal. They were three little contractions in one. Not that they weren't painful though. They would give my pain medication that would last for half an hour but then couldn't give me more for 4 hours! So it was a long long day and long long night. All that night everytime i moved a nurse would come in to move Logan's heart monitor. The next morning at 7:00 am the dr came in and started me on pitocin hoping i would dilate more since i was still at a one. And the contractions started hurting more.

Then at 10:00 they came in and asked if i wanted an epidural i of course said yes. So they got that done and it was wonderful. Everytime they checked my cervix it hurt so bad and i would squirm, but once that epidural came i didn't mind it at all. So then at about 11:00 am they came in to break my water once again trying to hurry things along. I was still at a one. It had almost been 24 hours and i was still at a one!! Are you kidding me? It was so dissapointing. The rest of the afternoon i pretty much just slept. Around 3:00 my grandma came to see us because she was getting a mamogram at that hospital and she asked if David and my dad had given my a blessing and that is not even something i had thought about. So we called my parents and they came right over and David gave me a blessing. I only wanted David in the delivery room but there was talk of a c-section so my parents hung aroung to see what was going to happen. At 5:00 the Dr. came in and said i was only at a 1 1/2 so they could do a c-section now or i could be in labor for another 17 hours and still have a c-section in the end. We opted for the first. They got me all prepped and Logan was born at 6:57 pm. David got to watch the whole thing and said it was very interesting. We were so glad to have this little guy in the world and he has brought so much joy in our lives.

I know that was a lot but i have to remember this crazy but wonderful experience!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Farm

For playdate today we went to the farm. It was perfect weather for it. We got there and had a picnic lunch. After lunch we went to get tokens to go on the "hayride" which is more like a tractor pulling you around, but you don't sit on hay. After we got our tokens we decided to look at some animals since it would be a while til we could go on the ride. We saw the turkeys and sheep. Logan was terrified of the sheep. I can't say I blame him. The sheep were so dirty and loud. The lambs were so cute though. He didn't like those either however. After looking at the sheep we went to wait to go on our "hayride". We just waited around a while for the worker who left without telling us she was taking a break even though we were right there waiting.

While on the ride Logan was a nightmare!!! He hadn't had a nap yet and wanted to be walking around on the ride instead of sitting on a lap. So he screamed the whole time. I am sure the other people there were thinking what a terrible child. He was so loud. I was so happy when it was over so we could get down and walk. You would think that would have calmed him down. Nope! So we decided to leave even though there was a lot of other stuff to look out. We walked to the car and I put him in and he was awake. By the time I put the the stroller in the trunk and got in the car myself he was asleep. It was definitely needed. So even though we had to leave early we had a lot of fun being out in the wonderful wonderful sun!!

Our picnic.

Logan loves to push things, so it was no surprise that he would rather push the stroller than ride in it.

Annie and Layne looking at the turkey. They really are terribly ugly creatures!

Logan looking at the baby lamb. He did not like that area of the farm.

The three kids waiting to go on the "hayride".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love Traditions!!

Yay for St. Patrick's Day!! I love holidays and i love traditions and this holiday is no exception! When i was growing up the leprechaun did the craziest stuff at our house. He would move furniture from the kitchen to the living room and vice versa, making all of our food green, cutting out to bottom of our cereal so that when we picked the box up it would all fall out. So we would spend the night before St. Patrick's Day making traps to try to catch him. It never worked but the leprechaun is now making mischief in my home. We woke up this morning to green milk. He also left us green jello, candy, drinks, and lucky charms cereal. Logan loved eating the Lucky Charms this morning and David even gave it to him in a green bowl with a green spoon. I am so grateful i have a husband who will go along with all of my traditions whether he thinks they are silly or not. I can't wait til Logan is older and gets so excited to make traps to try to catch the leprechaun. Holidays are definitely more fun when you have kids!!

Some of our green food.

Logan eating his delicious Lucky Charms with green milk!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Week full of Playdates

This week was a busy one. It all started on Monday. Logan woke up in the morning and seemed pretty fine. After he had been awake for an hour he fell back asleep. I thought thats weird that he is already taking a nap but that was that. Well he ended up with a terrible cough, fever, and runny nose and took FOUR naps that day instead of two. Well we were supposed to have a playdate on Tuesday and it had already been postponed for three weeks because of sicknesses, so i was like great we are going to be the one cancelling this week. Well luckily someone else had to babysit on Tuesday and we switched playdate and to Thursday. So since we didn't do it on Tuesday our first playdate was on Wednesday. It was with my mom, Leslie, Elana, Annie, and Layne. David had the day off so we just dropped Logan off and my mom's house and David and i had the opportunity to go to the Draper Temple open house. It was nice that we got a break and that he could still do playdate. They colored little lephrechaun pots and put gold candy in them. They were really cute, but i didn't get any pictures since i wasn't there.

Our second playdate was on Thursday with Teresa and Gavin and Rachel and Abby. It was a lot of fun. Usually we just meet at a restaraunt and eat then leave. This time we met at Cafe rio, got our food and came back to our house so the kids could play while we talked. Logan is the only mobile on so he was way wild while the other two were just content to sit there. Oh the days of Logan being content just sitting. I can't wait for them all to be old enough to actually play together.

Our third playdate was today with Melanie and Leah and her niece and nephew, and Heather, Braden and Mckaylee. Melanie has been watching her niece and nephew all week so she wanted to think of something fun to get them out of the house. We decided to go to a Mcdonalds play place for lunch and fun. It was a lot of fun. Logan played in the play place for the first time and LOVED it. They had a little blocked off area with balls and he played in there for so long. Then he went over to the slide. I put him up there to slide down but he decided to just stand up there and watch the other kids go down. We had a lot of fun with all of our playdates this week!

Logan and Gavin playing with toys. Logan kept trying to take the toys the other two had, but if they didn't have it, he didn't want it.

Logan, Abby, and Gavin.

Logan at the top of the slide. He would not go down.

Logan, Leah, Braden, and Mckaylee.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

I just wanted give a quick note to tell everyone how much I love my wife. Lindsay is the most beautiful, loving wife I could ask for. And the most caring mother Logan could ask for.

You are the light in our lives, Dins. Happy Birthday (even though I'm a couple of days late here).

David and Logan

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weddings & Birthdays

We had a busy busy weekend. It all started on Friday when David took the day off so we could celebrate my birthday a day early since his sister Emily's wedding was on my real birthday. That morning i went to the temple with Hilary, Leslie, and Ashley to do baptisms for the dead. It was so neat to do that since i haven't in probably five years. After i got home we just kind of hung around for a while and played with Logan. Well Logan started getting really tired so i took him up to our bed to see if he would sleep. I am the one who fell asleep. While asleep i was dreaming i had a terrible ear ache, only to wake up and find it wasn't just a dream. I figured oh its just because of the baptismal font. Well it kept getting worse and worse. I called my mom and she gave me some suggestions but still it was getting worse. It got so bad that i could not stop crying( and i am not a crier). We decided i needed to go to an instacare. He looked at my ear for a half a second and said yep you have an ear infection. That is an angry looking ear. So he gave me and antibiotic and sent me on my way. We ended up not being able to celebrate at all that night.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to go to the temple for Emily and Jon's wedding. It was really nice. They looked so happy and we are happy to have Jon as part of the family. It ended up being a really busy day. After the wedding and pictures we had some errands to do. First exchanging Logans first tie for the next bigger size. Second, picking up chocolate dipped strawberries for the happy couple. Next picking up sheet cakes for the wedding from Sams club. Last getting Logan and I ready for the reception and getting the gift ready. After all that we got to the church and just kind of hung around til it started. It turned out really nice. The arch they used was beautiful! Congratulations Emily and Jon!!

Now today is Sunday and it too was full of busyness. We went to church, made brownies, went to David's parents for dinner to celebrate mine and Cathy's birthdays, then off to my grandparents to celebrate my birthday there too! We had a crazy busy weekend but it was fun.

David and Logan looked so nice in their matching pink ties. Pink and Brown were Emily's wedding colors.

The happy couple.

Our little family.

Emily's cake looked amazing! You would never guess this is only the second wedding cake that Melanie's friend has ever made. We were in awe of it all night!

Later that night as we were cleaning up, Logan was playing on this toy. He did not want to sit and spin he wanted to stand and spin. This boy always has to do things his own way.

Me blowing out my birthday candles.