Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weddings & Birthdays

We had a busy busy weekend. It all started on Friday when David took the day off so we could celebrate my birthday a day early since his sister Emily's wedding was on my real birthday. That morning i went to the temple with Hilary, Leslie, and Ashley to do baptisms for the dead. It was so neat to do that since i haven't in probably five years. After i got home we just kind of hung around for a while and played with Logan. Well Logan started getting really tired so i took him up to our bed to see if he would sleep. I am the one who fell asleep. While asleep i was dreaming i had a terrible ear ache, only to wake up and find it wasn't just a dream. I figured oh its just because of the baptismal font. Well it kept getting worse and worse. I called my mom and she gave me some suggestions but still it was getting worse. It got so bad that i could not stop crying( and i am not a crier). We decided i needed to go to an instacare. He looked at my ear for a half a second and said yep you have an ear infection. That is an angry looking ear. So he gave me and antibiotic and sent me on my way. We ended up not being able to celebrate at all that night.

The next morning we woke up and got ready to go to the temple for Emily and Jon's wedding. It was really nice. They looked so happy and we are happy to have Jon as part of the family. It ended up being a really busy day. After the wedding and pictures we had some errands to do. First exchanging Logans first tie for the next bigger size. Second, picking up chocolate dipped strawberries for the happy couple. Next picking up sheet cakes for the wedding from Sams club. Last getting Logan and I ready for the reception and getting the gift ready. After all that we got to the church and just kind of hung around til it started. It turned out really nice. The arch they used was beautiful! Congratulations Emily and Jon!!

Now today is Sunday and it too was full of busyness. We went to church, made brownies, went to David's parents for dinner to celebrate mine and Cathy's birthdays, then off to my grandparents to celebrate my birthday there too! We had a crazy busy weekend but it was fun.

David and Logan looked so nice in their matching pink ties. Pink and Brown were Emily's wedding colors.

The happy couple.

Our little family.

Emily's cake looked amazing! You would never guess this is only the second wedding cake that Melanie's friend has ever made. We were in awe of it all night!

Later that night as we were cleaning up, Logan was playing on this toy. He did not want to sit and spin he wanted to stand and spin. This boy always has to do things his own way.

Me blowing out my birthday candles.


Melanie said...

Wow look at that pucker on your lips! Nice cheekbones!

Lindsay Quinney said...

Its a posed picture!

Marie said...

Oh my gosh Emily got married?! I swear the last time I saw her she was like 12! How hold is she? And a late happy birthday to you Lindsay! I hope your ear feels better :)

Teresa Farmer said...

I hope you had a good birthday. That sucks about your ear infection, I hope it is better. I really can't wait to see you guys thursday. Hopefully we will for sure get to do it this week.