Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Celebration

As i have said before i absolutely LOVE traditions!! And todays festivities were no exception. Every year for Easter we go to my grandparents house for dinner, an egg hunt, and an egg drop. It for sure is one of the funnest holidays. We celebrated early this year because my grandpa was in town for the weekend from Washington DC. I was definitely looking forward to it especially because Logan is old enough that he could go on the egg hunt this year. Well stupid Utah weather was going to make it not be able to happen. We would have done it at a later time but it would have been different since we considered this as Easter. Well despite the terrible snow we still did the Easter egg hunt. The older grandkids just hid the eggs downstairs in the basement and it was just as fun. Logan loved it. I think mostly he loved running around with the other kids. However, he did also really love shaking the eggs because there was money in them and he loved the sound they made. He ended up getting $4.80 from his eggs he found! Thats going right in his football bank. I am so glad that we were still able to do all of the fun things we always have while my grandpa was in town.

The egg drop was a little more difficult because of the snow, but most braved the snow to watch the festivities. I was not one of them. We didn't do an egg drop this year because we just could not think of anything to do. Everyone better watch out next year though cause we are starting to plan now!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for all the fun traditions!!

Logan found and egg and was putting it in his cute giraffe Easter basket!

Here he found and egg but he also found a ball that he wanted to play with more.

Lookind for more eggs!

Still looking!

Here we are dumping out the candy and money. He loved the candy!!


Casey and Diana said...

oh my heck that is too cute! How sweet that he did such a good job looking and finding the eggs. I can't wait until we do our easter stuff now!! And yeah dang snow!!

Rachel Washburn said...

oh that looks so fun! He is at the perfect age for holidays now. I can't wait for easter I love our traditions as well! I love his little sweater he has on so cute!

Teresa Farmer said...

I love Easter too. Logan's outfit is so dang cute. He looks like he had so much fun. That sucks that the nasty weather made you guys do it inside.

Kristin said...

He was so cute finding eggs, and I love Easter too.