Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

I just wanted give a quick note to tell everyone how much I love my wife. Lindsay is the most beautiful, loving wife I could ask for. And the most caring mother Logan could ask for.

You are the light in our lives, Dins. Happy Birthday (even though I'm a couple of days late here).

David and Logan


Melanie said...

Ah, that's sweet. We love you too Lindsay! Happy Birthday two days ago!

Jesse and Angela said...

Oh David you are so sweet!! Happy Birthday Lindsay!! Did you do anything fun??

Casey and Diana said...

oh how sweet!! Happy Birthday again. that sucks about the wedding on the same day though. bummer!

Casey and Diana said...

oh and sorry about your ear infection! that sucks! I hope you're feeling better.

Rachel Washburn said...

Oh what a good husband! I hope you had a great birthday Lindsay!!