Tuesday, March 31, 2009

15 month stats

Yesterday we went to Logan's 15 month Dr. appointment. Here are his stats:

Height: 29 1/2 inches--9th percentile
Weight: 20 lbs. 2 oz.-- 3rd percentile
Head circumference: I don't know size but I do know-- 80th PERCENTILE!!!

Are you kidding me!! Alright so I can't believe he is barely more than twenty pounds. When we weighed him a month and a half ago he was more than he is now. Oh well at least he is not off the charts. Second of all his head in percentile is huge!! The dr. said there is no reason to be worried especially since he is hitting all of his milestones perfectly. Still...thats crazy. I said I don't feel like his head looks too big for his body and the dr. said no not at all so that is good. And his head circumference has always been much bigger than the other percentiles. He has got a really small body so... Anyway, he also had to get 4 shots!! 4! He did pretty good when he got them. He cried a little bit and then was ok. Well about 3 hours later he had a temperature of 103.0 and was very lethargic. I called the dr. and they said to watch him. Well his temp was high the rest of the day and all night. It didn't even get better with tylenol. Finally, this morning at 7:30 his fever broke. Needless to say it was a very long night for all three of us. All is well now though. And Logan now has 3 more teeth that have popped through. These three are all molars. That brings the grand total of teeth at this point:11!!

I also just need to put down a bunch of fun things Logan is doing. He says quite a few words. He can say mama, dada, grandma, grandpa, wow, no, stop, don't, soft, hot, more, hi, uh oh, and fish. He can also sign more, no, please, thank you, fish, Hilary, candy, and milk. He loves to try to dress himself. He tries to put on his shirts, jackets, shoes, and socks. He pretends to sweep the floor and uses the swiffer. Logan loves to kick balls, play catch, get into everything, and climb on everything. He is such an active little boy and I couldn't imagine life without him. He brings so much joy to David and I. We are so blessed to have such an amazing little guy in our lives!!


Teresa Farmer said...

What a stinking cuttie! It was fun to read all that he is doing now. It is so fun and sad at the same time to see them grow up and learn more things. He is tiny for his age and his head does not look huge at all.

Casey and Diana said...

oh he 's so sweet!! I can't believe he's talking so good that's awesome. I can't wait until Preston is doing all those things! I HATE when they have to get shots. I had an almost exact experience last time and I was freaking out cause Tylenol was hardly helping and the dr's said it had to be that high for at least 3 days before they let me take him in. Too much for a first time mom I swear. I have weight problems with Preston too but that's cause he hates eating, he's so picky. Is that how Logan is? Anyway, I feel your pain. But it sounds like everything is going great! He's such a cute little boy!

Rachel Washburn said...

Thats crazy that he is already 15 months! He is such a cute kid, Abby is one lucky girl lol. He looks perfectly porportioned his head totally fits body. Its weird seeing his percents so low cuz Abbys are always so high lol.

Jesse and Angela said...

Holy crap he is only 20 lbs?!?! That is crazy!! It is fun to see everything he is doing!! Thanks for the update!

Kristin said...

He has the Johnson head, I have it and so does, Tessa, McCoy, and Kate. Of course we need it to hold all of our smartness.

If it makes you feel better Ben was only 15 pounds at 1 and off the charts. He was almost 2 before we could put him forward facing in the car seat.

Jesse and Angela said...

I am glad my comments finally got it together!! It was so frustrating!! What is in St. George and Vegas?!?! That is fun that you get to take a vacation! You haven't done that for a while!