Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Farm

For playdate today we went to the farm. It was perfect weather for it. We got there and had a picnic lunch. After lunch we went to get tokens to go on the "hayride" which is more like a tractor pulling you around, but you don't sit on hay. After we got our tokens we decided to look at some animals since it would be a while til we could go on the ride. We saw the turkeys and sheep. Logan was terrified of the sheep. I can't say I blame him. The sheep were so dirty and loud. The lambs were so cute though. He didn't like those either however. After looking at the sheep we went to wait to go on our "hayride". We just waited around a while for the worker who left without telling us she was taking a break even though we were right there waiting.

While on the ride Logan was a nightmare!!! He hadn't had a nap yet and wanted to be walking around on the ride instead of sitting on a lap. So he screamed the whole time. I am sure the other people there were thinking what a terrible child. He was so loud. I was so happy when it was over so we could get down and walk. You would think that would have calmed him down. Nope! So we decided to leave even though there was a lot of other stuff to look out. We walked to the car and I put him in and he was awake. By the time I put the the stroller in the trunk and got in the car myself he was asleep. It was definitely needed. So even though we had to leave early we had a lot of fun being out in the wonderful wonderful sun!!

Our picnic.

Logan loves to push things, so it was no surprise that he would rather push the stroller than ride in it.

Annie and Layne looking at the turkey. They really are terribly ugly creatures!

Logan looking at the baby lamb. He did not like that area of the farm.

The three kids waiting to go on the "hayride".


I'm Thankful for... said...

I love the picture of the 3 kids waiting for the tractor! I am sooo jealous!

Casey and Diana said...

CUTE!! Logan looks SO cute walking. What a fun place!

Kristin said...

What a fun day at the farm. Oh, the memories of a nice spring day now that we have snow falling again.

Leslie said...

That little girl you have play date with is always so cute. Who does her hair. Hehehehe. i just said that because you said I have to post adn I love my Annie girl.