Wednesday, June 19, 2013


About a month ago we we got to go to a BYU kickoff thing.  We had so much fun.  Right when we got there Logan, Layne, and Jensen tried on some football pads, jerseys, and helmets.  Lucky for us, Cosmo came over right when they had the uniforms on and we got an awesome picture.  Logan loves Cosmo and even wants to be him for Halloween this year.

They had facepainting.  Apparently logan was supposed to be a dragon.  Not what it looks like to me!

We got to meet Bronco and members from several of the sports teams including football!  We are so excited for football season!

They had a fun photo booth, soccer, a running course, and fun swag.  We had so much fun and hope they come back each year so we can make this a tradition!