Tuesday, September 25, 2012

State Fair

A couple of weeks ago we went to the State Fair.  It was a lot of fun.  We were worried it was going to rain so, unfortunately we didn't do much.  The kids had a lot of fun anyway though.
First we saw the farm animals.  Logan loved them...

...Brooklyn, not so much. She is so scared of so much and the farm animals were no exception.

Next we did the hands on farm.  This has always been Logan's favorite thing at the fair and Brooklyn loved it this year too.

She loved holding her own basket.

Digging for potatoes.

Digging for onions.

We also did the all you can eat ice cream tent.

We were so scared it was going to rain so we ended up not buying the ride passes.  Each kid went down the big yellow slide and had a lot of fun.  The rain held up so we could have done the rides.   Oh well it will just make it that much more fun next year!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Soccer and Football

At the beginning of September, Logan started his second season of soccer.  I really haven't gotten any great pictures, but he is having so much fun and has really improved since the spring.  We are really liking AYSO and are glad that each team gets to be their own color.  Our team name is the Orange Ninjas.  They haven't won any games yet, but in the last game Logan made his first goal ever!  We were so proud of him and he was so proud of himself.

His jersey is huge on him.  Its the smallest they had and it still drowns him.  He is constantly pulling his shorts up.

Brooklyn loves watching him play.  She tries to go on the field so she can play too.

After Logan's first soccer game of the season we took Logan and Lincoln to the BYU game.  Several months ago we got the Cosmo Kids Club for Logan and my sister got one for Lincoln.  The boys were so excited to be able to go to the game.

Because of the kids club, after the game we were able to go down on the field.  When we went down there we found Logan's cousin Braden.

Laying on the letters on the field.  It was very cool to be on the field.  None of us had ever done it before.

Grandpa Quinney was at the game with Braden, Jason, and Heather so he lifted Logan up to almost touch the field goal post.

We had so much fun at the game and get to take the boys to another one at the end of the month.  They are so excited!  It will be a great fall season of soccer and football!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day

I have so much to catch up on, but I think each thing deserves its own post.  September started out with our annual Labor Day Breakfast up in the canyon.  It didn't dissapoint as usual.  Logan started out by playing by the river.  A few years back the kids discovered if you get the rocks wet it makes "war paint".  They painted their faces and then just played by the water.

Then, we ate breakfast and headed off the the cave.  We weren't sure how Brooklyn would do, but she went in and was a trooper.

Brooklyn and Daddy in the cave.  My mom gave the kids these headlights and they were a big hit.  Even with David.

Logan in the cave.  We have a tradition that if we kiss the back of the cave we will have good luck for the whole year.  Logan even kissed the back this year!

Mommy and Brooklyn climbing out of the cave.

The Labor Day activities are always so fun.  After the canyon we just relaxed at home until we went to Mike and Kate's for the annual jump and dive contest.  I was a judge this year and lacked picture taking.  It was a great contest though.  Logan even did his first front flip off the diving board.  I am so sad that summer is over.  But, now that it is September I guess I will just embrace the cooler weather and all that comes with it!

Monday, September 3, 2012

First Day of Preschool

A couple of weeks ago Logan had his first day of preschool.  He was so excited to start school again and to be able to see his friends.  I can't believe he only has one more year of preschool and then he will be in Kindergarten.  Good thing he still has a year, because I am not ready for that!

We got to the school a little early to take some pictures.  Here are some of his favorite things.

I love this kid so much.  He is probably the sweetest, smartest, funniest little boy ever!  I just cannot get enough of him and wish time could just stop for a little bit.  I know he is going to love his last year of preschool, and I am going to enjoy having him not going to school every day.