Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day

I have so much to catch up on, but I think each thing deserves its own post.  September started out with our annual Labor Day Breakfast up in the canyon.  It didn't dissapoint as usual.  Logan started out by playing by the river.  A few years back the kids discovered if you get the rocks wet it makes "war paint".  They painted their faces and then just played by the water.

Then, we ate breakfast and headed off the the cave.  We weren't sure how Brooklyn would do, but she went in and was a trooper.

Brooklyn and Daddy in the cave.  My mom gave the kids these headlights and they were a big hit.  Even with David.

Logan in the cave.  We have a tradition that if we kiss the back of the cave we will have good luck for the whole year.  Logan even kissed the back this year!

Mommy and Brooklyn climbing out of the cave.

The Labor Day activities are always so fun.  After the canyon we just relaxed at home until we went to Mike and Kate's for the annual jump and dive contest.  I was a judge this year and lacked picture taking.  It was a great contest though.  Logan even did his first front flip off the diving board.  I am so sad that summer is over.  But, now that it is September I guess I will just embrace the cooler weather and all that comes with it!


Emily said...

Labor Day is one of my favorite days of the year! Logan is SO proud that he kissed the back of the cave! He told everyone at school! They all thought he was a little crazy:)

Rachel W. said...

Those caves look so fun and I love how you kiss the the back of the cave. Your kids are getting so big! We were driving past the light onto 106th by your house and Abby said mom someone we know lives over there I said Oh Logan does and she said yeah thats who I was talking about! I'm surprised she remembers where you guys live! We really need to get together!!