Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spooky Skeletons

Today we did playdate with my sister Leslie and the little girl she nannies Annie. Also my nephew Layne and sister-in-law Elana came. We made these skeletons that glow in the dark and you can make dance around. My mom and dad were at Lowes a couple weeks ago (since they are adding onto their house they go there a lot) and they had these crafts. So my they got some for us to do on a playdate. They were really fun and the kids loved them. It was really fun that they were glow in the dark. So i guess Lowes does a craft every 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. They also each got little aprons that were so cute on them!
Here we are making the skeletons.

Here they are out in the sun getting them ready do glow in the dark.

And here they are making them dance.

Create a baby

So i saw this on my friends blog yesterday and tried doing it but it kept saying error. So then i saw it again on another friends blog and decided to try again. You just put in a picture of a mom and a dad and then it tells you this is what your baby would look like. This is ours. What do you think? Could that be Logan's sibling?

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So when David got home from work today he was watching Logan so that i could take a nap cause i did not get much sleep last night. Well while i was asleep David and Logan were playing and Logan started getting fussy so David put him in his walker and gave him a cracker. All of a sudden he looks at Logan and he is asleep. Cracker still in hand and everything. This kid will fight sleep like no other but when he is finally ready to sleep it is all of a sudden. I am really glad David thought to take pictures since i was asleep. I never would have wanted to miss this!!

Logan holding his cracker.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Carnival

On Wednesday Logan and I went to a Halloween carnival at my sister school. She is a preschool teacher at an elementary school and her kids were going off track so they celebrated Halloween early. So we went and met my sister Leslie there and the girl she nannies, Annie(who is in Emily's preschool class), and my nephew Layne. Logan and i didn't have too much fun since he is too young to do anything. But it was fun to see Annie and Layne having fun doing all of the activities and to see them and Logan in their costumes.

Here is Annie, Layne, and Logan in their costumes.

Here is Emily and Logan in their costumes.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Play date

Today Logan and I went on a playdate with our friends. Teresa and her baby Gavin. And Rachel and her baby Abby. It was so much fun. We went to Zupas and had lunch and talked. I had never been to Zupas before and was happy that is where Rachel picked. David and I have a list of places we want to go but really i feel like it is a list of places i want to go. Anytime i mention one of them David says mm..nah that doesn't sound good. So i was glad we went there. It was really good. Logan had fun with the other babies. He would just lean over the high chair and stare at Gavin. Then Abby woke up and both boys were being very smiley with her and flirty. These are just some pictures of the kids at lunch. I took one with Rachel and Teresa too but was asked not to post it. And since i want to continue these playdates i won't!!

Logan, Gavin, and Abby

Logan, and Gavin

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My wonderful husband

Ok so i just have to write and say how wonderful my husband is. David works so hard so that i get to stay home with our Logan. I am so grateful that he goes to work every day so that i don't have to. And in addition to him going to work everyday, after his shower every morning he gets logan up and just plays with him while he gets ready so that i get to sleep and extra twenty minutes everyday. He is absolutely amazing. I am so lucky that he is so patient and loving. Seriously he is absolutely the best husband a girl could ask for!! Now talking for Logan he is the best dad any little boy could ask for!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

Conference weekend was a lot of fun and very busy. David had work on Saturday so Logan and i went grocery shopping with my mom and then came home and watched morning conference. Then Hilary, Leslie, and Logan and I went to Arctic Circle for lunch which has been a tradition in my family for years. When we were little we would go between conferences to get the kids meal to get the cool halloween flashlights. We have graduated from that but still go. Logan loves the ice cream cones there and they are the perfect size for him.

Then we came home and watched the afternoon conference. After that David went to dinner with his dad and brothers and Logan and I went to dinner with his mom and sisters and sister in laws. Then we went to Davids brothers house and the kids played while we watched Overboard. Logan really likes playing with other kids. We were there til about one thirty in the morning and then were up early this morning with Logan. Once again we watched morning conference and then went to my parents for omelets. Another family tradition. Then we went home and watched afternoon conference. And once again we went to my parents for dinner and had super nachos. Yet another conference weekend tradition. My family is so chock full of tradtions i love it!! We were so busy but it was so much fun and we got to stay in our jammies all day on Sunday so it was nice!