Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Carnival

On Wednesday Logan and I went to a Halloween carnival at my sister school. She is a preschool teacher at an elementary school and her kids were going off track so they celebrated Halloween early. So we went and met my sister Leslie there and the girl she nannies, Annie(who is in Emily's preschool class), and my nephew Layne. Logan and i didn't have too much fun since he is too young to do anything. But it was fun to see Annie and Layne having fun doing all of the activities and to see them and Logan in their costumes.

Here is Annie, Layne, and Logan in their costumes.

Here is Emily and Logan in their costumes.


The Farmers said...

He looks so dang cute in his costume. I can't wait to put Gavin is his. I love that they have matching costumes.

Debbie said...

Logan is so adorable in his cute little costume! I think it's great that you do fun stuff with him even when he's not old enough to participate in everything. I bet it was fun to be with your sisters. It's great you're so close with them!

Kristin said...

He is a very cute monkey! He is standing by himself?