Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Play date

Today Logan and I went on a playdate with our friends. Teresa and her baby Gavin. And Rachel and her baby Abby. It was so much fun. We went to Zupas and had lunch and talked. I had never been to Zupas before and was happy that is where Rachel picked. David and I have a list of places we want to go but really i feel like it is a list of places i want to go. Anytime i mention one of them David says mm..nah that doesn't sound good. So i was glad we went there. It was really good. Logan had fun with the other babies. He would just lean over the high chair and stare at Gavin. Then Abby woke up and both boys were being very smiley with her and flirty. These are just some pictures of the kids at lunch. I took one with Rachel and Teresa too but was asked not to post it. And since i want to continue these playdates i won't!!

Logan, Gavin, and Abby

Logan, and Gavin


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The Farmers said...

That was way fun. I like that we have these every month. Rachel did a good pick. Zupas was way good. I am excited for Gavin and Abby to be more mobile then they all can play together.

Rachel Washburn said...

Yeah that was so much fun! We need to keep doing one every month! I like how Abby is staring at the boys in the pic lol. Darren didn't like to see that haha.