Thursday, December 29, 2011


I cannot believe this guy is 4! He is such a great kid. He is so full of life and the funniest kid I know. For his birthday this year we had a birthday party at Classic Skating. It was wild, loud, and hot, but he had so much fun!

Some things about Logan at 4:
~He knows how to write his name.
~He loves preschool!
~His favorite color is red.
~He loves to pretend and has a great imagination.
~He loves his little sister so much and loves to make her laugh.
~He is THE FUNNIEST kid I know!
~His favorite drink is Root Beer.
~His favorite food is chicken nuggets.
~He loves to have sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
We seriously love this kid so much. He definitely keeps me on my toes and tests my patience, but he is the most amazing little boy and I couldn't imagine our life without him.

Our day started out opening presents. He could hardly wait for his daddy to wake up to open them. I guess Christmas 2 days earlier just wasn't enough.

He got a new camera. He loves to take pictures with my camera, so for his birthday we got him his own.

We did his birthday party in the Superhero room. He is way into Batman and Spiderman.

Lots of the kids at the party eating pizza.
Blowing out his candles. He loves Batman, but we could only find Spiderman cupcakes.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Zoo Lights

A couple of weeks ago I bought a Groupon for Zoo Lights at Hogle Zoo. It was so much fun. The lights were so cute and Logan even got to sit on Santa's lap. This will definitely become a new tradition. Hopefully when we go next year it won't be so freezing!

Santa brought two of his reindeer. Comet and Vixen.

Logan and I in front of the reindeer. I was definitely not prepared for how cold it was going to be. Pretty much right when we got there me and my sisters had to go into the gift shop to buy ear warmers.
Logan got a cool tiger light sword. It was so much fun taking him on this little date with my sisters. I was planning on taking Brooklyn too, but am so glad my mom offered to take her since it was so cold. She would have been frozen.

Logan sitting on Santa's lap. He was such a great Santa. We had to wait a while in line, but it was totally worth it.

Logan drinking hot chocolate. I never knew he liked it so much!

Thank you so much Leslie and Hilary for coming with us and to my parents for watching Brooklyn. (David was at bishopric meeting) We had so much fun and I can't wait to keep this tradition going!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

L o g a n

Logan can now write his name by himself. I am one proud mom. Sometimes he has a hard time with the G, but I can't wait to keep working on it with him.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


We had a very busy month of November. A few things that happened:

Brooklyn turned 10 months old.
Logan has been very busy with preschool, including a fun feast that I got to be a part of.
Black Friday.
Decorating the tree and house for Christmas.
Football games.
Playing in the snow.
Lots of shopping.

I know I say this every time, but I cannot believe Brooklyn is already 10 months old. She took several steps for the first time 2 days before Thanksgiving. She still will only take a few steps at a time, but is on her way to walking.
She says Dada...a lot. She loves her dad and always calls out for him.
She loves to eat. She likes to eat anything anyone else has.
10 Months Old
We decorated the house. Logan was being very grumpy this day. Finally, David said "If you don't stop being grumpy you can't help decorate the tree. His attitude changed right away. I am not sure I have ever seen Logan so excited for something. He was literally squealing with delight as we decorated. I think he will love Christmas as much as I do.

Brooklyn loves to stand. She will stand by herself for so long. We know she could walk if she wanted to, but I think she gets too nervous.
Brooklyn fell asleep eating her lunch yesterday. It was too cute to not document. And if you look closely, I did her hair in pig tails for the first time yesterday.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discovery Gateway

Last week we were able to go on a play date with Emily, Lincoln, Ari, Ashley, Paisley, Rachel, Aiden, Lisa, Paxton, and Parker. Emily had some coupons for Discovery Gateway and was so generous to share them with all of us. We had so much fun. Logan had so much fun playing with cousins and friends and doing all of the fun activities they have there. My camera died after a few minutes so all I have is pictures from my phone.

The kids had so much fun in this gated toddler area.

Logan and Aiden, pausing for a picture!

Logan flying the helicopter. I think he could have stayed out on the helicopter all day if I had let him.

Brooklyn playing with toys in the toddler area.
Thank you so much Emily for being so generous and for planning a really fun playdate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Once again we had a great Halloween! Lots of dressing up, lots of trick or treating, lots of candy, and lots of fun!

My cute Captain Jack Sparrow pirate. He loved this costume so much. I am a little sad I won't get to see him in it again.

My cute little lady bug! She loved her costume too. Didn't even mind the wings!
I love these two cuties!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

School Carnival/Gardner Village

Last Wednesday we got to go to Logan's Halloween Carnival for preschool. They did it early since he is off track for the next 3 weeks. Logan had so much fun. They had lots of activities for the kids to do.

Here is Logan playing Spider Ring Toss.

Brooklyn in her cute ladybug costume. We still have adjustments to make before Halloween.

Logan decorating his pumpkin cookie.

Playing the Ghost Bowling game. This was his favorite game of the day.

Making his monster hands.
Later that day we went to Gardner Village with Ashley and Paisley to see the witches. Paisley and Logan are so cute together. She can get a little rambunctious and Logan takes it upon himself to make sure she stays with us. They had so much fun.

The sun was in their eyes.

Cute kids. We didn't even plan for them both to be wearing orange.
My cute kiddos. Brooklyn was content in the stroller pretty much the whole time.
If you find all of the witches on the scavenger hunt you got a discount on a cookie and the Naborhood Bakery. Both kids loved their cookies! Thanks for planning a fun day Ash!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

9 Months

I cannot believe this little lady is 9 months old. She is getting to be such a fun age. Some things about Brooklyn at 9 months:

Weight: 15 lbs. 10 oz---11%
Height: 26 inches---4%

-She is a great little crawler. She has been getting herself around for about a month, but really started crawling great in the last two weeks.
-Crawled up the stairs for the first time on Oct. 9
-Waves bye-bye.
-Signs "more"
-Signs "all done"
-Loves to walk around with someone holding her hands.
-Loves going to BYU football games.
-Loves baby cheese puffs.
-Loves juice.
-Can shake her head no but moves her whole body when she tries to nod yes.
-Tries really hard to say Mama and Dada.
-She is really really picky about what baby food she will eat. Its pretty much sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, and carrots if its mixed with a fruit. The rest she spits out. Especially peas.
-Picky about baby food, but loves to eat pretty much anything else we give her, like crackers, cookies, yogurt, cereal.
-Loves watching Special Agent Oso and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She is such a funny little girl. She is hopefully getting more over the "being away from Mom" fear, which is so great for me. We sure love her and can't wait for the months ahead and all of the new things she will be learning.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

This last Saturday we went up the canyon to get our family pictures taken. It did NOT turn out how I had hoped and planned for weeks! Brooklyn would barely smile, Logan was just being goofy, and David was super yawny ( I know not a word). My sister did manage to get a few good shots though.

At least we got a little smile out of her. She is teething and there is this one tooth that just will not come in. It has not been fun for any of us.

He was such a little goof the whole time. Smiling weird, standing w
eird, but I guess thats what you get with an active 3 year old.

Best family shot. At least Brooklyn is looking at the camera.
This little lady loves to be walked around with someone holding her hands. She was so happy this whole time!
I sure do love this kid!

This is my very favorite picture of all of them! Love these kids so much.
Thank you so much for taking our pictures Hil! They really did turn out good considering the conditions!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First BYU Game/8 Months/6Years

All of these things happened to fall on the same day this year. Because it was our anniversary we decided to go to Provo for the day. We just went shopping and hung out. Next, was the first BYU home game. The game was an embarrassment, but we still had fun. It was Brooklyn's first game and she did awesome! I have to take her to all of the
games because of nursing and I cannot believe how well she did!

Cute one of Logan.
Cute one of Brooklyn.

Of course I couldn't get a cute one of them together.

Brooklyn turned 8 months old. I cannot believe how fast the last 8 months have gone. Some things about Brooklyn at 8 months:
-She is such a diva/drama queen. It is amazing how different her and Logan as babies are. He was so mellow. She is not!
-Most of the time sleeps through the night, but with teething its not always.
-Has three teeth. Actually 2 on her 8 month day, but now three.
-She thinks Logan is the funniest person ever!
-Has said MAMA several times, but now won't say it anymore.
-Loves to be outside!

8 Months!

And last but not least, David and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary. I cannot believe it has been 6 years. He is the most amazing husband and father and I am so lucky to be able to spend eternity with him!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State Fair

Last Monday we went to the State Fair with Emily, Hilary, and the three youngest Aulai kids. I didn't get many pictures on my camera but wanted to post some I did get.
Logan's favorite part of the fair was the Hands on Farm. First you get on an apron and get a basket. Next you fill your basket with corn.

Then, you "Milk" a cow. After that you pick an apple, then you brush a sheep. Next you plant a "seed".
All of the kids with their full baskets.
After you do all of the farm chores you get money to spend at the store.
You get to choose out of a lot of different things like chips, granola bar, milk, cereal. Logan chose an apple. He will often pick an apple when he has a choice of a snack.
We had lots of fun. After this we got a corn dog, rode on some rides, then had ice cream

Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day

We had a great Labor Day as usual. First, David was able to go golfing in the morning with his brother. He didn't get to go golfing once last year because we were working on our house so much so anytime he gets the opportunity he takes it. When he got home we went up to the canyons for breakfast with my extended family on my Dads side. This has always been one of my favorite traditions. I of course forgot my camera, but one thing that HAS to be documented is that Logan went in the cave and walked through to the back of it. He even kissed the back for good luck. I am so proud of him for doing that. He has grown so much in the last year. After the canyon we had a lot of relaxing and hanging out at home. The night ended with an excellent swim party and BBQ at my aunt and uncles house.

I cannot believe I have no pictures of Brooklyn in her cute swimsuits from this year. Or in the water, so I had to take one.

Brooklyn would not cooperate. She only wanted to play/eat the grass. She loves to sit on the grass I think for mainly eating purposes.

She absolutely LOVES the water. Her first time swimming at the beginning of summer she hated it. She cried the whole time. Ever since then she cries if we don't get her in right away.

This little boy is a fish as well. We are so sad swimming season is almost over.