Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State Fair

Last Monday we went to the State Fair with Emily, Hilary, and the three youngest Aulai kids. I didn't get many pictures on my camera but wanted to post some I did get.
Logan's favorite part of the fair was the Hands on Farm. First you get on an apron and get a basket. Next you fill your basket with corn.

Then, you "Milk" a cow. After that you pick an apple, then you brush a sheep. Next you plant a "seed".
All of the kids with their full baskets.
After you do all of the farm chores you get money to spend at the store.
You get to choose out of a lot of different things like chips, granola bar, milk, cereal. Logan chose an apple. He will often pick an apple when he has a choice of a snack.
We had lots of fun. After this we got a corn dog, rode on some rides, then had ice cream


Emily said...

That is always the Aulai's favorite part! They talk about it all year! McKenna was very worried she would be too old and they wouldn't let her do it!

michelle's 10 things said...

OH HOW FUN! Maybe next year we will go, too. So cute.

Rachel W. said...

We have never been to the state fair! Looks like Logan loved it! I want to take Abby now!

Zion And Missy said...

Good job Logan! We have something like that at our country fair. So fun!