Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discovery Gateway

Last week we were able to go on a play date with Emily, Lincoln, Ari, Ashley, Paisley, Rachel, Aiden, Lisa, Paxton, and Parker. Emily had some coupons for Discovery Gateway and was so generous to share them with all of us. We had so much fun. Logan had so much fun playing with cousins and friends and doing all of the fun activities they have there. My camera died after a few minutes so all I have is pictures from my phone.

The kids had so much fun in this gated toddler area.

Logan and Aiden, pausing for a picture!

Logan flying the helicopter. I think he could have stayed out on the helicopter all day if I had let him.

Brooklyn playing with toys in the toddler area.
Thank you so much Emily for being so generous and for planning a really fun playdate!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Once again we had a great Halloween! Lots of dressing up, lots of trick or treating, lots of candy, and lots of fun!

My cute Captain Jack Sparrow pirate. He loved this costume so much. I am a little sad I won't get to see him in it again.

My cute little lady bug! She loved her costume too. Didn't even mind the wings!
I love these two cuties!