Tuesday, July 24, 2012

18 Months!

I can't believe my baby girl is 18 months.  She is such a fun girl.  I can't imagine any little girl being any more than a diva than she is, but I couldn't imagine her any other way.  Some things about Brooklyn at 18 months:
-She loves to read books.  She looks through the book and then closes it and says amen.  Then she opens it up and does it all over.
-She talks a lot, but for a lot of words she doesn't say the last syllable of the word.  Like instead of saying juice she says jui, instead of woof she says woo.
-She can tell us what a cow, cat, dog, bird, fish, monkey, bee, sheep, horse, bear, lion, and ducks say.
-She loves to dance.
-She still loves the water.
-She is not a big fan of eating, but is getting better.
-She is such a diva and will let everyone know her opinion.
-She loves to wear shoes and likes to put them on soon after she wakes up.
-She absolutely hates bugs.  She will cry and say eww whenever she sees one.  Even if it is just drawn on paper.
-She hates to be buckled in her carseat.  She wants to do it all by herself and screams and scratches anyone who tries to do it for her.
-She likes tv ok, but will only sit and watch for a few minutes...unless she is watching Bubble Guppies.  She is absolutely in love with that show and would watch it all day every day if I would let her.
-Whenever I ask a question like "Who wants a snack?" or "Who wants to say prayer for lunch?"  She will raise both of her hands in the air and say "ME!".
-She has acts like she hates fireworks, but I think she secretly likes them.  She cries and whines when we mention them, but when they are actually going to just sits and watches and then claps.
Her 18 months stats are: Height 29.5 inches- 2%
                                    Weight 20.6 lbs.- 15%

She really is just so much fun to have in our lives.

This is the best picture I could get of her the day she turned 18 months.  She is just too active.

Again the best one I could get of her.  This last Sunday was her first official day of nursery.  I am a nursery leader so she has been going for half of the time for the last 6 months or so, but now she is official!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

I guess I should probably blog about the 4th since it was 2 weeks ago.  Our 4th of July celebrations started on the 3rd.  We went to the annual Johnson family sleepover in my grandparents backyard.  We had a BBQ, watched a Mirror Mirror on the inflatable screen outside and slept in tents.  We had so much fun.

Brooklyn getting cozy on the grass while watching the movie.

Logan sitting in his chair watching the movie.  You can tell the flash made them both close their eyes.

I totally forgot to take pictures of Brooklyn spending her first night in a tent.  She slept great, David and I did not.  This is the next morning before we took the tent down.

Next, we went to the Sandy Fair.  Logan and Lincoln did some crafts like making their own bouncy balls and fans.

Brooklyn just hung out with everyone else while the boys did crafts.

Why is it so hard to get ONE single good picture?!

Logan had been bugging me for a couple weeks to be able to get his face painted. When it came down to it he picked a scorpion and shortly after accidentally smeared it.  He said it was itchy.

Brooklyn got this cute firework!

And of course I didn't pull my camera out the rest of the day.  We went to Matt and Melanie's for lunch and then went and saw Brave with them and Jason and Heather's family.  After the movie we went to the annual BBQ and swimming.  Dive of Fire and Slide of Fire are always so much fun to watch.  This year my Uncle Michael even jumped over an Aerial.  I don't think anyone will be able to top that!!  I love the 4th of July and love all of our great traditions!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Preschool Graduation

I can't believe Logan graduated his first year of preschool.  We are lucky enough for him to be able to go to my sister's preschool class.  She has been such a great teacher and I am so glad Logan gets to spend one more year in her class.  I was so excited for his graduation and video taped the whole thing...or so I thought. Turns out the video camera was on pause for some reason.  Good thing he still has his real preschool graduation next year.  The kids did such a great job singing their songs and doing their dances.

The cute decorations.  The theme was "Blasting off to Kindergarten". (For the kids that were actually graduating. Logan was in the 4 year old class so most of his friends are going into Kindergarten.)

The cute cake.

Logan in the middle of a song.  For some reason most of the pictures I took were dark.  Lame.

Woo hoo!!  First year down, one more to go.  I am pretty sure I will cry when he is actually graduating from preschool.

Logan and his two cute friends.

Last day of school holding his picture from his first day of school.