Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend fun

Our weekend has been a lot of fun. On Friday night we had our friends the Washburns come over for dinner and fun. We have not hung out with them as a couple in three years so it was really nice. They brought their little girl Abby who Logan loves. He kept poking her eyes and crawling all over her and laying on her. That doesn't sound good but that is how a one year old shows affection. It was fun to see them interact, and nice for us to be able to talk and reminisce. It was so much fun we decided to make it a monthly thing. Hopefully we can make sure we do it.

Here is Logan and Abby playing with the camera bag together.

One of Logans many maulings!

I just had to put this picture in. Logan LOVES this mickey hat. Everytime he sees it he gets it out and walks around so proud in it. What a goofy kid.

Also this weekend my sisters took Logan to the safe kids fair with his uncle Lincoln and his sisters. Unfortunately i forgot to send my camera, but they said he had to much fun. We are also going out to dinner with David't siblings tonight and then on to watch the Jazz game at his brothers house. Busy weekend but so much fun!!


Rachel Washburn said...

AWW Logan and Abby are such a cute couple! They really do look alike! We had such a blast at your house we really need to for sure make sure we do that every month! And you guys can teach us some of your fun card games!

Casey and Diana said...

Washburn as in Darren Washburn? Logan is so cute and I love his little hat. I think him and Preston would have so much fun together we should do a play date!

Jesse and Angela said...

Oh my your son is so funny!! Glad you had a good weekend! Hope everything is good.

Teresa Farmer said...

Logan is hillarious!! I am really looking forward to play date tomorrow and you guys can see Gavin's crawl swim. It is so funny. I will see you tomorrow.

Megan Isham said...

Lindsey how are you? Do you remember me.. I worked at Kindercare in the toddler room? Yourlittle boy is sooo cute. looks like you are happy. I got married In July 2007. And I am just workintg.