Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yesterday for playdate we decided to go bowling. It was so much fun. We had more people than usual because kids were off track. We had me and Logan, Annie, Leslie, my mom, Emily, Lincoln, Ariana, Mckenna Ashley, Jenson, and Davin. We had a contest boys against girls and the boys won by about 20 points. Bummer for the girls. I did break 100 though. I think i needed the bumpers more than the kids did. Logan was a wild wild boy. Last time we went bowling he was content sitting on the table. Not this time. He was walking all over the place. I could barely keep him in one place for more than a minute. Plus he started this screaming thing the past week where if he doesn't get what he wants he screams. Not just cries but screams. It is really obnoxious!! It was a really fun playdate though and i am glad more people could come. We did miss Elana and Layne though. They had just gotten back from South Carolina and so Charlie took the day off work so they could have a family day.

Logan at one of his various locations throughout the day.

Annie was so cute bowling. Mckenna would set the ball down for her and she would push it with her hands. The screen had how fast the ball was going and i think the fastest it ever went was 2 miles per hour. She would stand there waiting and turn around and say its still going!! Then when it finally hit the pins she would turn around and squeal. So cute!!

Some of the play group gang.

More of the play group gang.

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Zion And Missy said...

Hey, I know the girl in the brown...hi Emily! I hope you had better luck bowling than I did. :)