Monday, February 2, 2009

The hospital is no fun!

As i posted earlier Logan has been sick. This is going to be a long post so just bare with me. So saturday morning our dr office called just to check up on him. It was a nurse and she said she was going to write it all down and tell the on call dr. Well the on call dr called back and said we should consider taking him up to primary childrens if his diaper wasn't wet that morning. Well it was so we didn't worry about it. And he had only had one bad diaper that day, he also hadn't thrown up since thursday at 11:00 am. He still was not eating or drinking unless we forced him though. Well later that night he all of a sudden threw up again. So as were were reading our scriptures that night i said do you think we should call my dad and have him come help give Logan a blessing? We decided to and they came over and we talked again about taking him to the hospital. After my parents left we decided we needed to. I hadn't showered all day because i got a little bit of what Logan had(no throwing up though) and decided to hurry and shower. As i got out Logan all of a sudden started throwing up a lot. That just reiterated that we needed to take him. We figured they would put an iv in him and we would only be there a couple hours. Boy were we wrong.

So we get to Primary Childrens at about 11:30 that night and it was so crowded. It amazes me how many people were there. It was a half an hour wait for them to weigh him and take his temp and then another hour and fifteen minutes to go back to the room. It was then another 30 minutes til anyone came back there. They decided he was dehydrated so they decided to put and iv in. We forgot Logan's binky so we knew it was going to be bad for them to poke him. It was!! He cried for an hour and a half after that. They were giving him fluids and found out his glucose was low so they also had to pump some of that into him. After being there for three hours a resident came in and said we would probably have to stay the night but that an attending would come in and let us know. An hour later the attending came in and said we had to stay and that they would be getting a better room ready for us. by this time it was 4:00 am and they didn't come in to get us for the new room until 5:15. I had not slept at all so i was so ready for the new room.

After a while Logan was doing really well and playing so they said we would be able to leave around 1:00. Well he still didn't want to eat or drink so they said well maybe 3:00 or 4:00. At 3:00 Logan threw up. So they said they didn't know when we could go home. He threw up again at 3:30. It was so sad cause he didn't have much in his stomach because he didn't want anything. So i went home and got more jammies for him and stuff for us in case we had to spend the night again. When i got back David's parents were there and they hung out for a while. After they left we just concentrated on getting logan liquids. Since he was throwing everything up he could only have sip every ten minutes. Which was fine with him cause he did not want the gatorade. However he did want to nurse at times and i could only do it for two minutes and then pull him off. He was so mad. Well then my parents came and hung out for a while and kept him happy. He could not leave the room at all cause he was too contagious. He wanted out so badly!! After a while the dr came in and said since he hadn't thrown up in hours we could go home and also i could give him a full feeding. They said he still might throw up a little and have diarrhea but just try to keep him hydrated. We were so thrilled to go home. However, when we got home Logan threw up twice and had a terrible diaper today. It has been so stressful. Today i have been doing the two minute nursing again cause that is all he will eat or drink and he hates it. Hopefully we can get this kid better soon!

They put warm packs on his hand to try to get some veins showing.

His iv in his hand. Everytime he woke up in the night and looked at it he cried. He kept showing it to David and i to try to get us to take it off. It was really sad!!


Melanie said...

Poor kid, that just breaks my heart. I hope things start looking up soon for you guys.

Good luck and call me if you need anything.

Rachel Washburn said...

Oh my goodness Lindsay! I am so sorry! Poor Logan I can't imagine such a little kid going through that. Letsn for sure hold things off for the playdate! Let me know if I can do anything for you guys k? I would love to bring you guys dinner or something. Good luck with everything and get some rest!

Teresa Farmer said...

That is so sad. Poor Logan. I am sorry that he has been sick. You are such a great mom to be there by his side.

Marie said...

This totally breaks my heart! Especially the IV in his little hand. So sad. I hope he feels better soon.