Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yesterday we went to my nephews birthday party at Chuck e Cheese. It was a lot of fun. He decided he wanted to have a super hero party so there were super hero cups and plates and table cloth. Also, all the party favors had super heroes on them. When we got there we ordered the pizza and then Layne opened his presents. He got way fun stuff. Then we ate our lunch and watched the little show for a while. Logan was captivated by the singing animals on stage. He just stared at them. It was so cute to see him be excited about it. Then the kids went and played games and we put Logan on some rides. He was terrified. He just screamed the whole time. There was one ride that he really liked. It was a car that barely moved but had two steering wheels. So we sat him in the middle and he played with both. Well on his second time on the ride this little boy came up and pushed logan out of the middle and climbed on. I was about to pull him off til i saw his mom and i assumed she would pull him off, but no. She said is that alright? Like i am going to say no. It amazes me how some parents act. Anyway then we had cake and the kids played some more. It was a fun party.

Layne opening his gifts.

Logan on his first ride. He looks not too unhappy here but just about two seconds after this he started screaming.

Annie and Layne on a truck ride.

This is Logan on the ride that Logan liked but that kid climbed on and ruined it.


Teresa Farmer said...

That looks like so much fun! Some parents seriously are horrible and don't have any respect.

Kristin said...

Really I can't believe the nerve of some parents, unfortuntely you run it to it all the time.

It looks like a fun birthday. Happy Birthday to Layne. I took Benjamin to Chuck E. Cheese a few months ago and he hated it. The animals singing on stage scared him and he just wanted to go home. The boy has issues.

Rachel Washburn said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I love how Logan is riding the ride it is so cute! I haven't been to chuck e cheese in so long but it looks entertaining.