Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1 year stats

Yesterday we had Logan's one year Dr appointment. Logan has been sick for about a week now so we asked the Dr. about it and he decided to check his ears. Well it turns out that he has two really bad ear infections. Poor kid. I guess his cold got into his ears and thats how he got the infections. So the Dr. prescribed some amoxycillin and hopefully all with be well in seven days. So at Logan's last appointment three months ago he weighed 17 lbs. 3 oz. and now after three whole months he only weighed 18 lbs. So needless to say the Dr. said he is now off the curve and we have to go back in a month so see if he is gaining weight. We are hoping it is just because he has been sick and really has not been eating very well the past week. He also moves around a lot so maybe he is just burning calories like crazy. Here are his stats

18 lbs- 2 percentile(off the curve)
28 1/2 inches- 11 percentile
Head circumference-50 percentile

I asked the Dr if it was normal that his head was so much more of a percentile than the rest of him and don't worry it is. So hopefully in the next month we can get him gaining some weight. I was starting to only nurse him right when he woke up in the morning and most of the time before bed but have not decided that i should continue to do it a little more so our little guy can be not so little.


I'm Thankful for... said...

Can he make the little car move on his own? Cute!

Debbie said...

Sorry Logan has been so sick! The medicine the Dr. gave should help him feel better in the next couple days hopefully. It usually kicks in fast. As far as the weight goes, I wouldn't worry too much. My kids have always been small, and once they start crawling and walking, they don't gain weight very well. There are some things you can try. Put butter on toast, and break it up for him to eat with his fingers. Mix 1-2 tsp. of olive oil in his baby food when you feed him; it sounds gross, but they can't tell the difference, and it's the good kind of fat that they need. And now that he's one, whole milk, eggs, and peanut butter will all help give him the protein he needs. Good luck!

Casey and Diana said...

Oh man I feel your pain!! Preston is also on amox. Yeah he's had a cold forever!! I had stop nursing him so we would know for sure was getting enough food and that made a huge difference. That's so fun he's already one! I thought about him on his birthday since him and Preston are exactly two months apart I remember his birthday!! and hey until recently Preston's head was like in the high percentiles for his head so don't worry!! ha ha

Rachel Washburn said...

Poor little guy! I for sure thought Abby had an ear infection as well cuz she keeps tugging on one ear and its been red so I took her into the Dr. Yesterday and she is teething and had all this wax build up so they had to clean it out. I heard Ear aches are not fun for babies though.. I'm sorry! He looks so cute in the car pic! Hopefully we can have our playdate when all of our kids aren't so sick!

Teresa Farmer said...

Wow he is so little. I haven't weighed Gavin yet but I know he is a lot bigger than Logan. Gavin is still sick. I may take him into the doctors tomorrow because he has been crying all day long today. It has been a nightmare for me and I have a pounding headache from it. I hope Logan gets better.