Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas!! Logan started getting sick on Tuesday so we weren't sure if we were going to be able to do anything. He has had a really bad cold. Fever, cough, runny nose, goopy eye. It has been really terrible, luckily he is always worse in the morning and at night so for all of our activities he was mostly fine. A little lethargic but pretty good considering how sick he has been. Christmas Eve started out the festivities. Every year on Christmas Eve we go to Red Lobster with David's family. Not my favorite tradition since i hate seafood but since everyone else loves it i can deal with it. After Red Lobster we went to David's parents house for a little bit and just hung out with the family. After a while it was time to go to my grandparents house to start our many wonderful traditions. First starts dinner which this year we didn't eat since we had only eaten three hours before. After dinner started our annual talent show. It was a lot of fun. If Logan hadn't been so sick i am sure we could have gotten him to dance to away in a manger. My parents have a little people nativity and when you press the angel it plays that song and he sings and dances to it. But unfortunately he was sick. Next came Santa Clause. I really wanted to have Logan take a nap so that he would be nice and rested and happy for when Santa came but he was stubborn as usual and so he was not too sure about the Santa thing. It was long past his bedtime by the time Santa got there so bummer he was a little sad. Not too bad though. After Santa came and brought new jammies to everyone they did the cousin picture on the stairs. Logan cried the whole time cause he was so tired and sick but at least we got some pictures. Next came the nativity. All of the grandkids get dressed up and do the nativity while my grandparents read it. Logan and my cousin Paxton took turns being Jesus. Logan was asleep while he was Jesus so it was perfect. Finally came presents. We got great gifts. From my grandparents a gift card, for our cousin gift we got Monopoly with the electronic thing. We are so excited to play it. Logan got great gifts too. I think David will have just as much fun as Logan will. Sorry i know this entry is long but a lot happened. I should have just made it two entries. Anyway, after all that we went home and went to bed and waited for Santa to come. So now on Christmas morning we woke up and opened presents. Logan got a cars bean bag chair, puzzles, jammies, a cell phone, and some keys. But his favorite thing to play with were the gift cards David got for me. David did a wonderful job at presents this year. He got me a necklace and earrings and gift cards which i think is always wonderful cause you get just what you want. We then got ready and went to my parents house where we had breakfast, opened fabulous presents(my wonderful new kitchenaid mixer) and talked to my little brother who is on a mission. After that we went to David's parents and had lunch and opened more great gifts. I definitely paraphrased how our Christmas day went cause this was already so long but it really was such a great Christmas. It was so great to spend it with David and Logan and all of our family. Thanks everyone for a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!

Christmas Eve dinner at Red Lobster.

Logan sitting on Santas lap.

Logan on the stairs for cousin pictures looking so sick and tired.

Our family picture on the stairs.

Logan as baby Jesus in the nativity.

Our Christmas tree before opening presents on Christmas morning.

Logan playing with my gift cards.

Logan playing with his new toy from his great grandma and grandpa Johnson.

Quinney family picture.

Family picture at the Quinney house.


Rachel Washburn said...

I love your Christmas pictures! Thats sad that logan was sick.. Sounds like you guys had fun though. I love your Family pics you guys have cute family! Thanks for the Christmas card you sent us its adorable!

Teresa Farmer said...

What a fun Christmas it looks like you guys had. Gavin has been sick all week and hasn't gotten better too so it hasn't been the greatest for us. I agree with you on the gift cards. I think they are the best gifts to get.