Friday, December 19, 2008


So it feels like i have not posted in a really long time. Really not much has happened in that past week. We did have David's work party and a play date. But not enough happened to blog about so i am just going to post a few pictures from the last week.
This is Logan and David right before his work party. I love that little beanie of Logan's. Normally i am not one to buy cheesy things like that but i just couldn't resist this time.

This is Logan playing with a GI Joe type guy that he got from David's work party. They bought it for an older boy but his mom doesn't work with David anymore so they gave it to Logan. He loves it!! However it not only has one arm and one leg. Logan broke the other ones off. I probably should throw it out.

On Sunday we had family dinner at David's parents house and we celebrated Logan's birthday. I made him a chocolate cake and he was not too sure about using his hands to eat it. He doesn't like mushy things, so i was feeding it to him with a spoon which made me sad cause i wanted a messy picture. Finally he decided to use his hands and i got a wonderfully messy picture. I will get lots more on his real birthday.

For playdate this week we made nativity frames. They were really cute but i didn't take any pictures. After that we went grocery shopping and Logan had so much fun with his cousin Layne in the race car cart. Logan was laughing the whole time and he kept leaning over to drive Laynes side too. He was talking like crazy. At one point Layne said "Logan is bossing me around". I sure hope i don't have a bossy boy on my hands. He sure does love Layne though and Layne is so nice to Logan. Hopefully something eventful will happen soon. Next week is Christmas and Logan's birthday so i am sure i will have a lot to blog about!!


I'm Thankful for... said...

I like this post. Even if exciting things don't happen you should still write or atleast post pictures! I like pictures! :)

Rachel Washburn said...

I love his little army guy thats funny its missing everything! I cant wait when Abby is a year old and gets cake!! I love that pic of Logan!

Teresa Farmer said...

I can't believe he is going to be one this week. Wow this year has really flown by. He has gotten big and is super cute. He seems like he keeps you guys laughing all the time. I sure do love his smile. It is so big and cute. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas this week!