Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as most of you know or at least can see in pictures Logan has had his two bottom teeth for about three months now. Well he now has one more on the top and another one coming in. I must say him getting his top teeth has been a lot more treaterous(spelling?) It has been awful. The first time he was a little fussy, no real fevers, no blowout diapers, he would let us rub his gums to help them feel better. This time he is crying like crazy, which is really unusual for him. He has had fevers like crazy, has ruined at least three onesies with blowouts, and won't even let us go near his mouth. Poor little guy. I feel so helpless. I know he is in pain and pretty much all i can do is give him baby tylenol which usually takes a half and hour to work. I sure feel bad for him. And i hate to say it but i sure feel bad for me too. I am really grateful that i don't have a cryer all the time. Hopefully once this fourth tooth comes in he will be a lot happier. At least until the next set comes in. (I know i already posted this picture but its a good one of his teeth!)


The Farmers said...

I love that picture with his teeth showing. Teething is not fun. I think Gavin has a tooth breaking through because he has been a nightmare and he wakes up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. Lets just say I am exhausted and feel like I don't get much sleep anymore.

Melanie said...

Throw out the Tylenol! I used to use it too, but then my sister recommended Children's Motrin and it was so much better!

She had been using Tylenol and it just wasn't working fast enough (or effectively enough) so she switched to Motrin and it was like night and day. These were the same issues I was having. Once you give a baby medicine you want it to work!


Kristin said...

I agree with the Motrin it works much better.

I hope his tooth has come in by now that is just miserable. I hate how long it takes some teeth to poke through.

Debbie said...

Yep, teething stinks. It' nice when they get more than one tooth in at a time, because then you don't have to go through these crying episodes as much. Motrin will help, especially with his fevers. If you can ever get your finger in his mouth, put some baby Orajel on his gums where the tooth is coming in, that will help numb the pain, and it tastes good for him too!