Sunday, November 2, 2008


So finally another post. David was in California all last week for training for work and he had our computer with him. So this will be about the whole last week. Well first like i mentioned David was in California from Sunday until Friday. It was really hard and sad having him gone. Logan and i missed him so much. Last time he went out of town we stayed at my moms house and Logan slept horribly cause he had to sleep in a pack n play and that started sleeping problems that lasted for two months. So this time my wonderful sisters slept at my house with me so Logan could sleep in his own bed. That definitely made David being gone easier and we had lots of fun with Hilary and Leslie. We really didn't do many activities this week until Halloween day. On Halloween we went to Sizzler with my mom, Hilary, and Leslie. Then we went to my dads work with Logan in his costume cause they were doing trick or treating which Logan didn't do but my dad sure loved showing Logan off. Then we went to trunk or treat at my parents ward since David was still gone. It was a pretty fun Halloween but sad David missed Logan's first. So now its saturday and David is home. In the morning we just relaxed then went to my parents house do David could work on the addition and Hilary and Logan and I went shopping. Then the BYU game. I would just love to watch another shut out and not have it come down to the last minute on if we are going to win or not. As they say a win is a win but i would like it to be a WIN not just a win. Then we went to David's parents house to see his grandma who was in town. And today ended our month long Halloween festivities. We went to my grandparents house for our annual Halloween party. We dress up and have soups for dinner( which it was perfect weather for) and do a spook alley in the basement. And i must say it was a wonderful spook alley this year. Very impressive work. This is a picture from the party and of Logan in his cute little costume that he got to wear one more time.


I'm Thankful for... said...

Cutest monkey ever!!!

The Farmers said...

He is so cute in his costume. Gavin didn't like wearing his too much. It sounds like you had a fun busy work. I am sure it is nice to have David back though. It sucks having your husband gone. It feels like you are missing a part of you.

Kristin said...

Logan was so cute in his costume. I agree with you about family traditions. I hope we keep doing ours for a long time. It is how my kids connect to their extended family.