Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night at midnight i went and saw Twilight. We had so much fun. There was a big group of us i think there were fourteen of us. About a month ago Rebecca Aulai called in a panic that tickets went on sale that day and it was already sold out almost everywhere unless you wanted to sit on the front row. Luckily she found tickets for Jordan Landing, but way lame they didn't have reserved seating. So a few people went and waited in line so we would get good seats all next to each other. They said they would be letting peopple in theaters at 9:00 but luckily let them in around six thirty. Me, Hilary, and Leslie got there around nine forty five. Now normally i am totally not a dressing up for movies kind of person but Emily made us some shirts with sayings on them and they were really cute. Mine said everytime i hear thunder i wonder if vampires are playing baseball. Some others were I went to forks and all i got was this lousy imprint, and Forget princess i would rather be a vampire. They were fun. I did feel a little silly wearing it though. But it was fun and the movie was really good. I really liked it a lot. For all of those out there that did not think Robert Pattinson would be a good Edward i agreed but he really grew on me during the movie and now i just think he is so dreamy. There were definitely parts that i didn't like but overall i really liked it and can't wait to see it again.


Melanie said...

So I finally did it... I picked up the books.

Do I like them? Well, let's just say I started Twilight on Sunday and I'm now on Breaking Dawn (actually I started it yesterday). Although I really only like Twilight and Eclipse so far.

Matt and I are seeing the movie tonight.

The Farmers said...

I am glad that you liked the movie. I am going to see it on Thanksgiving. That is awesome that you dressed up because you really don't seem like someone that would. I am glad that you had fun.

Banker said...

Lets just say I wish I'd had some wine for the movie. It would have complimented the cheese in the movie nicely and probably made it a little easier to swallow. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but all the close ups were horrible, I thought Pattinson was a horrible Edward, but Bella and all the minor support characters did a great job of portraying their roles as the author describes them in her books.

I give it 2 1/2 stars.

Debbie said...

I loved Twilight! That's cool you saw it at midnight! I think it's fun you dressed up. I loved the sayings on your shirts!