Monday, November 24, 2008

FIRST STEPS and listening to music

So today was a very exciting day. Logan took his first steps! Logan and I were at my parents house and i was holding on to him so he could walk to my sister. So i let go and he took one step. We figured totally accidental. So then i sat on the floor and did it again and he took THREE steps. It was really exciting. He was terrified though. He started crying and anytime we tried to get him to walk for the next ten minutes he would just hurry and sit down. So when David got home from work he was really bummed he missed it. So he sat on the floor with Logan and he took another step. This time he did not cry. So we are on our way to a walker. He just has to get the guts first. Its funny that he is scared cause he is really a daring kid when it comes to climbing. He will climb on anything and he tries to dive off of things. I think for sure though in the next couple weeks he will be walking. He just needs some practice and a lot of clapping when he does it right.

Also today(well tonight) David was listening to music on the computer with headphones and he gave one to Logan to listen to and he LOVED it. He was holding it up to his hear and listening. At one point he wanted the headphone that David had in his ear so he tried to trade his binky for the one that David had. David let him keep his binky and switched him and Logan kept it by his ear and listened. It is amazing what babies pick up on. So in this picture he is putting the ear thing up to his ear to hear the music. He is so dang cute!!


The Farmers said...

That is so cute with the earphones. That is amazing that he is starting to walk. Logan is super cute!!

Melanie said...

He is the funniest thing. And I have a theory on why kids are scared of walking.

I don't think it's that they are scared of walking I think they are scared of the attention. All of the sudden mom and dad are super interested in getting him to walk. Encouraging as you are, it's probably just a lot to take in all at once.

P.S. We got our Rib City stuff in the mail yesterday... so excited!

Banker said...

He's the funniest kid. "Here Dad, I don't need my Binky, you do though cuz I'm taking this! Yoink!" I'll tell you this, he's my favorite of all your kids.