Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nature Turkeys

It starts to get hard trying to find something to do for playdate every single week. Some weeks the kids just play together while we talk, but this week we really wanted to do something fun. Leslie went online and found a really cute and fun activity. Nature Turkeys. To start off we went on a nature walk around the neighborhood. We needed to find a lot of leaves and some pinecones. The kids loved it. They loved finding different leaves that were different colors. Logan just picked up random things, but he was the bag holder and loved that. After our walk we went back to my mom's house and started making our turkeys. All you do is glue the leaves onto computer paper to look like the turkey feathers. After those dry you get a long pinecone and glue it on to be the turkeys head. We found with that a hot glue gun would have worked better. Then you just cut out little eyes, beak, and the red jiggly thing and glue those on the pine cone and then you have these really cute turkeys!

Logan and Annie picking up leaves.

The three on our walk.

Logan and his leaf bag. He kept tripping over it.

This is just the "feathers".

And the finished product. Logan wanted to help Layne with his so I ended up doing Logan's. Next year when we try it again I hope he will want to do his own.


Leslie said...

The leaves were so pretty I had to make one too. I love colors of fall.

sbdunn said...

I love the turkeys! They are so cute! I'll have to remember that for when Jacob gets older ...

Rachel Washburn said...

Those look like fun! That is a really good idea I will have to try that one!