Monday, May 10, 2010


I know I have mentioned before how wonderful my family is, but they seriously are. My oldest sister was off track for two and a half weeks and she took Logan to do all sorts of fun things so I could have a break. They went to the aqaurium several times, played with Lincoln she took him shopping with her. On this day they went to the Clark Planetarium and Tucano's with Lincoln's mom and sisters. He had so much fun. He got to ride the "Train" for only his second time ever and LOVED it! He also got to "walk on Mars" and do all kinds of fun things at the planetarium. They saw a 3D movie and he kept grabbing at the air and saying, "I can't grab it!" I wish I had been there to see that.
After the planetarium they went to Tucano's for lunch. Logan spent 20 minutes playing with his tongs and then finally started eating and ended up knocking his bowl on the floor, breaking it. They servers came over and cleaned it up and said it was all right and who could get mad a face like that. 5 minutes later Lincoln comes back to the table with another bowl of fruit for Logan. Emily asked why he would get him another glass bowl when he had just broken it and Lincoln said, "Like the server said, who could say no to a face like that?" I couldn't agree more. His innocent face can get that kid whatever he wants.
Thank you so much Emily for being so willing to give me a break! Thanks to my whole family who always offer to take Logan. We really appreciate it!


Emily said...

It's true. "How CAN you say "no" to a face like that???" He's so dang cute! I love taking him places!!!

Teresa Farmer said...

I love his hair!! It is so cute!! You have such a great sister to do that for you. It looks like he had a blast!

Rachel Washburn said...

I dont know what I would do without family either!! Thats so nice she did that for you! I love his hair thats the first thing I noticed in those pics!

Casey and Diana said...

how nice of her! I need to start taking my own kids to do more fun things hahaha. He's such a little cutie.