Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playing in the Snow!

Since the big blizzard never happened Logan and David were able to go out and play in the snow for the first time of the season. They both had so much fun. I am so thankful Logan has such a great dad to go out and play with him. I am sure we will have many more nights that look like this!

David and Logan having a snowball fight.

Logan buried David's legs in the snow and afterward it was David's turn to bury Logan's legs.


Rachel W. said...

Haha that looks like so much fun! What a good dad!!

michelle's 10 things said...

HUGE storm. Were you snowbound for several days? ;) Oh well. The hype was fun. And was staying inside and watching the fun playing outside :-)

Leslie said...

I'm glad you got some pictures. For being ruc=shed and only getting two they turned out great! So much fun!