Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brooklyn Michelle Quinney

Brooklyn Michelle Quinney
January 17, 2011
8:10 pm
7 lbs 12 oz
20 inches
Our wonderful baby girl decided to come early. She is absolutely amazing and is such a good baby. For journaling sake I am going to write the birth story.
I started having contractions on Wednesday night. Nothing consistent but more than I ever had with Logan. They continued on the next few days but still nothing major. On Sunday morning I was having contractions every 6-7 minutes for 4 hours and then they stopped. I was so disappointed but really didn't think this baby was coming for 8 more days. I didn't feel up to church, but still went to my parents for dinner that night. My mom kept saying you are going to have her before you appointment on Wednesday. I tried not to get my hopes up and still just planned on my C section.
Monday morning I woke up at 4:30 with contractions every 2-3 minutes lasting about 45 seconds. After an hour and a half they were getting pretty uncomfortable and my breathing through them woke David up. Around 6:15 I decided to call my mom to see what to do since I never went into labor on my own with Logan. She said to go in. We decided to call the hospital just in case and they said to come in as well. We got ready and took Logan over to my parents. We got to the hospital around 7:30 and they checked me and I was only a 1 1/2. Not really a surprise to me. We just sat around for a while and at 8:30 they told us to go walk around the hospital for an hour and a half. So we did. After that they came in and checked me again. Still a 1 1/2. I was definitely in labor but my contractions were not lasting long enough. They were consistantly 2-3 minutes but still only about 30 seconds long. My Dr. was debating on whether or not to send me home to labor so I could be more comfortable. By this time though I was beyond uncomfortable. My contractions were getting bad. Around 1:30 they checked me again and I was still a 1 1/2. By this point I was screaming through my contractions. I cannot even begin to imagine how people do this without medication. They decided to keep me and gave me some pain medication in an iv and by 2:00 I finally had an epidural. It was so great to not be feeling the contractions. They checked me again about an hour later and I was only a 2. They decided to break my water and after they did that I was finally at a 3! There was also meconium in the water so that was something to consider.
So they decided to just wait and see what happened with me on the epidural and my water broken. Around 4 I was feeling my contractions again so they came and put stronger medicine in. It didn't help much, but it was much better than it had been. They came in and checked my again at 4:30 and I was still a 3. Brooklyn's heart rate was also getting low with contractions so I was on oxygen for a while. We started talking about c section at this point. He said they would check me again at 6:30 and see what was going on. So they checked me at 6:30 and I was still a 3. My Dr. said he thought she might only be 6 1/2 pounds and that I should be able to push that through but there was no guarantee. He asked if I wanted them to put pitocin in to see if that would make my contractions longer, but at that point it had been 14 hours and I was still only a 3. I was done. We opted for the c section. They started the process for that and we were in the delivery room by 7:45. They started the surgery at 8:03 and she was born at 8:10. The surgery went well while they were getting her out, but when they were putting everything back in I was in so much pain they were going to put me to sleep. They were almost done so luckily that didn't need to happen. Turns out she was a lot bigger than they thought and I probably wouldn't have been able to push her through. We can't believe all the long dark hair she has. Definitely opposite of her brother.
My sisters brought Logan to see her soon after and he loved her so much from the minute he saw her. We love her so much and are so grateful that she is here and she is healthy. And I am also especially grateful that she came early!
Us as a family of 4. We didn't get a great picture of the 4 of us.

Proud mommy and daddy!

We all love her so much!

He really loves her a lot. He is starting to get more jealous and more needy which we knew would happen.

Ready to go home. We are so happy to have her home. It has been great. She is such a great baby. She rarely cries and is such a great nurser which is a huge relief to me.


Emily said...

She is so dang cute! And I'm so happy I got to hang out with Logan a lot of the week. He is so much fun!!!

Leslie said...

12 oz? I do love her. She is so light and small. I love her hair. And we all knew she was coming:)

sbdunn said...

She is so precious! I love the cheeks! Congratulations to you all.

Zion And Missy said...

She is so adorable. Congratulations. It is better to have a c-section before pushing. So it's a good thing you did not start. :) COngrats!!!!!!!

Melanie said...

Well we are certaintly in love with that little girl at this house.

Congratulations to your whole family!

Rachel W. said...

Yay Congrats!! She is such a beautiful baby! Can't wait to see her! I'm sorry you had to have another c-section they are not fun I am like you though I seem to max out at a 3 after 24 hours so I know how it is!

Krishelle said...

she's adorable! I bet you are having so much fun with her!

Debbie said...

Wow, you're sure tough. That sounds like a pretty rough labor, but the end result is pretty fantastic. She is beautiful!