Thursday, March 24, 2011

Brooklyn's Pictures

Last Saturday my sister took Brooklyn's pictures. Up til that day I did not think she was very photogenic. I know that I sound like a terrible mother saying that, but no pictures showed HER. I absolutely love the pictures my sister took. They turned out so cute! These are the ones I printed. And I just have to brag about my sister. She is not professional, but always takes great pictures of our family. I usually print my pictures at Sams Club, but the printing quality from our family pictures in November was terrible. I decided to use Inkley's this time and when I went in they asked if a professional took the pictures and they were copyrighted. I had to sign a paper saying I didn't steal the copyright. She is so awesome and I am so lucky she will take our pictures! Thanks Hil!!

We used this one for her birth announcements. Two months after her being born. I can't wait to get them though!


Ayley said...

wow she is so beautiful!

Rachel W. said...

Your sister did a great job on those pics they really do look professional! Brooklyn is so cute and her eyes are so pretty in all of them!

michelle's 10 things said...

SO SO SO CUTE. Brooklyn AND Hilary's pictures :)