Monday, April 18, 2011

Three Months

Our little Brooklyn Bean is 3 months! I cannot believe how fast the last three months have gone. She is such a joy. For the most part she is such a happy and content baby. She definitely has her moments, but we wouldn't trade her for anything!
(I am not sure why my camera put a weird date on the pictures.)
Things about Brooklyn at three months:
-If she doesn't have her binky in her mouth, she has her hands in there. (Like the picture above.)
-She is starting to drool a lot so I wonder if she is teething.
-She sleeps on average 9 hours a night and has since her first night home from the hospital.
-Is such a great nurser!
-Smiles like crazy at mostly everyone. Logan loves her a little too much so she doesn't just give smiles away to him.
-When she is fussy at my parents house, my dad can always calm her down by swinging her in her carseat.
-She is starting to grab at things.
-A couple of weeks ago she started to really find her voice. She squeals happily all the time and is especially loud when its quiet. Like in Sunday school...or when daddy is still sleeping in the morning.
-We think she looks just like a cabbage patch doll with her chubby chubby cheeks.
We love our Brookie bean so much and couldn't imagine life without her!


Debbie said...

She is SO cute! I bet you're loving all the adorable girl clothes too!

She sleeps 9 hours at night?! You are so lucky!!!

Zion And Missy said...

What a cutie pie. My Brooklyn slept thru the night since she has been home, too. Lucky name I guess. :)

Rachel W. said...

She is seriously so cute! Abby has a pic just like that one on the couch and a lot of people said she looks like a cabbage patch doll and Brooklyn totally does too! Thats great she sleeps so well!