Friday, August 5, 2011

Island Park/Yellowstone

For Christmas this last year my grandparents gave us a trip to Island Park and Yellowstone. It was a lot of fun. David couldn't come because of work so we missed him like crazy, but it was fun riding with my parents and Hilary.

Some highlights from the trip were:

-Brooklyn eating beef jerky and absolutely LOVING it!
-Logan (very newly potty trained) not having a single accident on the way there, while there, or on the way home.
-Logan kissing and playing with a frog.
-Running in the mountains.
-After all of the kids hit a pinata my mom brought, my dad went to hit it (not very hard) and it broke in half. Logan went around chanting, "We love candy, we love candy!"
-Watching Logan on the horse.
-Me horseback riding.
-Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Thank you so much Mike and Kate!!
-All of the tacky souvenir shops. Seriously West Yellowstone has maybe the most tacky souvenir shops EVER!
-My cousin Jenna's horse was named Rat and had a hard time going over logs. Every time a log would come up she would say, "Its ok Rat. You are doing so good Rat." It just sounded so awkward!

It was great trip. Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma for all you do for us!!

Brooklyn eating beef jerky. This girl loves everything except baby food!
Hanging out in West Yellowstone. She was so happy to be sitting in the stroller so much.

One of the waterfalls in Yellowstone.

Another waterfall.

Logan really wanted to take pictures the whole time. Most didn't turn out very good but some were cute. This is one I took of him taking them of us. Cute kid!
My parents took my kids for me while I went horseback riding. Probably my favorite part of the trip.
Logan was way into these goats at the horseback riding place. He was so excited when the guy told him he could pet him.
On the horse. His name was Scooter.
Logan said his favorite part of the trip was riding the horse too. His horses name was Skip. He looks so tiny on the horse. He only rode around the corral. It was so cute and he loved it!
At one of the waterfalls there was a gift shop with this bear. Logan wanted to see a live bear so bad, but this is the best we got.
Also, thank you so much to my mom and dad for letting me and the kids ride with you. It was nice to not have to drive 5 hours by myself.


Emily said...

Surprisingly this is the first I've heard about the frog. Logan told me he rode on the goat... Is that true? Fun to see pictures! I'm so sad I couldn't go!

michelle's 10 things said...

So fun. We had a great time with everyone.

Zion And Missy said...

Looks like you guys had a great trip! Hooray for family vacations!!

Rachel W. said...

I love that she likes beef jerky that is so funny! Horse back riding looks like a lot of fun. It was so good to see you guys the other day thanks for coming!