Wednesday, January 4, 2012


This year we started a new tradition: Elf on the shelf. This was such a fun activity and I can't wait for it to continue year after year. Santa sent us an elf and the first thing we needed to do was name him. After some pretty silly suggestions from Logan we finally decided to name him Elfie. Elfie would watch Logan and Brooklyn every day and then return to the North Pole each night to report to Santa. When Elfie would get hom each night he would be doing some pretty silly things.
I forgot to take pictures of a few things like Elfie playing Xbox and trying to climb into Brooklyn's crib.

Here is Elfie hanging on the fridge, hanging on an advent calendar, toilet papering our tree, and pretending to be an ornament.

Here Elfie is reading a pirate book, hanging in a stocking, eating some chocolate almonds, and playing on the computer.

Here he is sitting in our holiday boxes, he colored on our family pictures, and trying to take a shower.

Elfie turned our milk pink, ate our M & M's, climbed in a tree and drank our syrup.

Elfie rode on Logan's toy dinosaur and poured flour on the floor to make a "snow angel".

And on the last night Elfie painted the kids noses red. This was my favorite. I could not stop laughing!
Logan got so excited each morning to find what silly thing Elfie was doing. I know next year will be even more fun.


Emily said...

How on earth did Elfie do that without getting caught???

sbdunn said...

I love this!! Elfie is awesome! I wonder if his brother will end up at our house next year . . .

Allison Wagstaff said...

I love this. Glad to have some ideas for next year when we start ours. Wyatt keeps talking about CoCo the elf that took care of his puppy he got for I think Coco will come to live with us.

michelle's 10 things said...

We LOVED LOVED LOVED hearing from an excited Logan every day about what Elfie had done THIS time :)