Wednesday, May 23, 2012

16ish Months

This is the most recent picture I could find.  It definitely shows her grumpy side!

This little lady is 16 months old.  I haven't done an update on her for awhile and I really need to document some of the things she is doing.
-We haven't been to the Dr. since she turned 1 but her weight is about 18 1/2 lbs.
-She absolutely loves the water.  She would take several baths a day if I would let her.
-She loves clothes and shoes.  She will definitely let us know if what we pick out for her to wear is not what she wants.
-When we pick her up to hug her she pats our backs.
-She loves to give kisses.
-She has a love/hate relationship with Logan.  She loves him so much and calls out for him when he is not around, but she also loves to push his buttons.
-She loves baby dolls.
-She loves to carry around purses.
-She is 12 teeth.  8 in the front and 4 molars.  Teething has been awful for her.  It is really sad to see how much her mouth hurts.
-Some words she says at 16 months: Mom, Dad, Logan (Wo), Hil, woof woof, meow, tweet tweet, go, car, bath, Grandma, Grandpa (bapa), ball, bow, she pretends to snore, juice, shoes, please, sorry, thank you, cracker, cookie, candy, fish, hot, cold, yes and her favorite word NO.  She is saying new things all the time.  She also will sign more, please, thank you, milk, candy, fish and sorry.
-She can point to her nose, eyes, mouth, ears, tummy, toes, hands, arms, legs, and hair.
-She doesn't really love to eat.  I am thinking it is from teething but things she will almost always eat are, any kind of fruit, cheese, chocolate milk, juice, spoonful of peanut butter, black beans, and any kind of sweet.  This girl has a major sweet tooth.
-For some reason this little lady loves to scream.  She screams when she is happy, mad, sad, or just because.  I am really hoping this is just a phase and it will end soon!
-She loves to dance.  She will dance to any kind of music and even tries to sing along.
-When you ask her to give you a high five she will.  When you ask her to give you bones she hits her head on our nuckles.
-Church is really getting rough with her.  She does not want to sit still.  Luckily I am in the nursery so she comes in there for half of the time so David can actually listen in class.
-Whenever she picks a flower she puts it up to her lips and blows on it.  Any kind of flower.
She is such a little diva, but I couldn't imagine her any other way.  We love our little drama girl and can't wait to continue to watch her learn more and more.


Emily said...

She is constantly amazing me at how smart she is!

Rachel W. said...

She is so cute I love that face she is pulling! We are excited to see you guys this week!

Leslie said...

She said my name today! I was so excited. It wa sthe first time. It came out ssss. she is just so smart and cute.