Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So on Saturday night David and his brothers had a guys night so my sister and I and Logan went to the beach party at gardner village. Here Logan and I are just having fun doing fun pictures.

Here is Logan doing i cheesy smile in his awesome Hawaiian shirt. He is so funny when he does that smile. It makes me laugh everytime. That was such a fun night. We had snow cones and there were dancers. Very fun!!


I'm Thankful for... said...

I think 90% of the pictures I take of Logan he is making that face! Funny, funny boy!

Casey and Diana said...

Cute!! Logan is so stinking cute. I love his "cheesy" smile. I'm so excited you have a blog! But yeah being a mom is the best and they DO grow up so fast. I was just looking at videos of when he was little and I can't believe it! we should get together with our little ones. Preston loves playing with other babies now, FINALLY!

Kristin said...

I am so glad someone on the Johnson side is finally blogging! Love your background and your slide show - very cool and Logan of course is very very cute.