Monday, September 22, 2008

There he goes!

I cannot believe my little baby boy is climbing up the stairs. This is a video of his newest adventure. He first did it while i was in the shower. He climbed up the whole first flight of stairs. Then when i got out of the shower and got the camera ready i didn't know how to make video work so i missed the first two steps. I finally figured it out and got one more stair out of him before he got distracted by his fascinating hands. But today he did it again. The full first flight of stairs. I can't believe how big he is now and all the stuff he is learning to do. It is so fun watching him grow up, but sad at the same time. Being a mom is definitely bitter sweet. You want them to grow but you want them to stay little. Still so fun!!
Ok so i wrote this whole thing and tried to put the video on for over and hour and it wouldn't work. Take my word for it though it is sure cute to see him go up the stairs. He is so big. I will try again at some point to put the video on but not at one in the morning.

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The Farmers said...

That is awesome that he is climbing up stairs. Now he is going to keep you more busy with the moving around that he does. That is awesome about the BYU game. We just got back from our trip late last night so that was the first time I saw the score. Go BYU!!