Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Movies on the Lane

In Washington DC during the summer there is an activity called Movies on the Mall. They show movies on the mall and anyone can come and watch a movie while outside. Since my grandparents are now back from Washington DC my grandpa decided he wanted to start an activity that is similar. So last night was the first Movie on the Lane. My uncle Michael and aunt Kate have a big blow up screen so we could watch the movie outside. It was so much fun. The featured movie was The Princess Bride. We brought blankets, drinks, and treats. It was a great first fun. For next week we will definitely know more of what to bring. Like pillows, jackets, jammies, and maybe even an air mattress. This will be a very fun summer activity. Next Monday the movie will be Holes which will also be a lot of fun. Thanks grandma and grandpa for such a fun activity. We can't wait for the weeks to come!!

I also need to just update on Logan's weight. We went to the Dr. today and he gained a pound. Woo Hoo!! He is now in the 5th percentile and we don't have to go back til he is two!

The blow up movie screen.

Some of the group watching the movie.

Logan pretending to watch the movie but really playing with a cell phone.

I kept trying to take Logan's picture but the flash was so bright so he kept covering his eyes!


Rachel Washburn said...

What a good idea, that looks like so much fun! Thats funny you were trying to take his pic and the flash was bright I have done that to Abby a couple of times too lol. Yay for him gaining a pound!! I know Abby will be one next week and she is 18 lbs and I dont know what to do about the whole carseat thing.

Casey and Diana said...

what a great idea I love it. That's a cool screen too. That's so exciting he gained a pound!! I hope it keeps going well. Isn't it crazy how much we have to worry about their weight. I feel bad for my parents now. I can't believe He's turning two this year!