Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our weekend started out great. David went golfing with his dad and brothers so Logan and I went out to breakfast with my most of my family. Then we really pretty much just relaxed the whole rest of the day til it was time for us to go to the bbq and swimming at my Aunt Kate and Uncle Michaels house. That is always so much fun to do. I of course didn't bring my camera so none of it got documented. It was for sure fun though.

Today we had a pretty relaxing day. David had work so Logan and I went shopping with my mom. Later we went to a little neighborhood party in my parents neighborhood. Although it wasn't little. Some people in their ward own a fireworks stand and decided a couple years ago to do a big neighborhood thing with all the extra fireworks. It was absolutely amazing!! We started off eating and then they did parachutes and streamers for the kids. Once it got dark it really got cool. I would say over 300 fireworks were done. At one point they had 18 fountains going at once. They did awesome coordinations with fireworks, fireworks that went in the air, and a grand finale. I have never seen such a cool "Legal" fireworks show. We will definitely be making it a tradition to go to that every year. Logan loved it too. He of course did his one handed "Woo", but he also started saying "Oooh, Ahhh" after each firework. The whole firework show lasted almost three hours. It was really fun!

Waiting for the show to start.

David, Logan, and Layne in between fireworks. Logan had so much fun chasing Layne around.

Some of the fountain fireworks.

In the air fireworks. David said these ones were called Roman Candles. It was cool about thirty people lined up and they all went off pretty much the same time. There were other air fireworks that were really fun too!

This is the grand finale. They took all the extra little fireworks and put them in one huge pile and lit it. It was a HUGE flame. We could feel it from a couple houses down. This was definitely a fun night!


Rachel Washburn said...

You got alot of cool pics of fireworks! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Sounds like a nice relaxing weekend!!

Leenz said...

HOLY fireworks! Looks like quite a show. Now that I found you, we're at donnyandlena.blogspot

Teresa Farmer said...

Yeah those fireworks look awesome. Logan is so cute!