Sunday, August 9, 2009


This weekend Logan and I went camping with my family. Unfortunately, David had to work so he couldn't come. It was still fun though. We went to Lava Hot Springs and the campsite we stayed at was very nice. When we got there we got everything set up and then just kind of hung out til all the families got there. In our campsite there was a playground which was perfect to keep Logan a little entertained. Also Lincoln came with us and it kept him entertained as well. It was his first time camping and he had a lot of fun. After all the families got there we made and ate dinner and then went to the hot pots. They were really interesting. One of them was 102 degrees, another was 106 degrees, and the last one got up to 110 degrees in some spots. By the time we were done there my body felt like the inside was cooking.

After we got back from the hot pots we roasted marshmallows and starbursts. Then just sat around the campfire and talked. I think some of us were up til after one talking. Then we decided to go to bed. Hilary, Logan, and I slept in my parents van. We took out all the seats and put an air mattress in. Since I was going to be sleeping in the van I figured I wouldn't need a sleeping bag. BIG mistake. It was freezing. I think it might have been one of the worst night sleeps ever. Luckily Logan slept well though. In the morning when we woke up it was pouring rain and so cold. It took a while to get a fire started but finally did. We got so wet and it was just plain cold. After a while some people went into town but Logan was asleep so we stayed at the campsite. It started warming up a little in the afternoon so people ran the river and played at the pool but it still felt too cold to me to play in water. So we just stayed at the campsite all day and just hung out. Around 6:30 we got everything packed to go home and were on our way. It was a fun trip, but would have been a lot better if it had not rained. And next time we will for sure camp for a few nights.

Thanks mom and dad for taking us with you!

Logan fell asleep watching Finding Nemo. He is obsessed with that movie. I think we have watched it 10 times in the last week.

My cousins Madeleine and Jenna bought these candies that were candy on the outside and once you got to the inside it tasted like fish. They bought them for all the little kids but decided to try them out first. Here they are when it is candy.

Here they are when its bad!

Now they are spitting it out!

And this is what color it turned their tongues.

Logan loved to climb up this big slide but then would get too scared to actually go down. So he just climbed up and down.

Eating a cheetoh.

Logan loves watermelon. He walked around for probably twenty minutes eating this piece of watermelon. He would stop, squat, take a bite, and start walking around again.


Teresa Farmer said...

How fun! We love Lava Hot Springs! We go every year.

Rachel Washburn said...

I have never been to lava hot springs but it looks like fun! I am jealous you went camping we want to go so bad but haven't found time yet!