Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Every Labor Day we go up to the canyons with my Dads side of the family. It has always been one of our favorite traditions. We head up in the morning and get breakfast all ready. This year after we ate the kids were exploring when all of a sudden we hear what sounds like fireworks. I look up and there are huge rocks flying down the hill at three of the kids. There were more people above them that were trying to come down but them doing that was causing these rocks to come down the hill fast. One of my cousins got hit in the head with a big rock and was bleeding a lot. David ran up and helped one down and was blocking the rocks from hitting another. Then my brother Mark ran up and helped the other one down while David was still blocking rocks. Finally everyone got down safely but it was quite scary. My one cousin got hit in the head, another in the back but not hurt too badly, and David got hit in the arm. Luckily nothing worse happened.

After all of that we played in in the river a little and then went to the cave. The cave is such a fun tradition. You have to make it to the back of the cave and kiss it and then you have good luck for a whole year. David and I both did it so hopefully this year will bring lots of luck. We tried to get Logan to go in but he just screamed. I am sure glad we still go this tradition every year. We definitely look forward to it.

Later we went to Provo with my sisters and Lincoln and went to Tucanos for lunch. David thought it was delicious, I thought it was ok. After that we went swimming and had a dive contest and David won biggest splash for the seventh time in a row. Although, this year he had some competition! We had a great Labor Day, but we are so sad for summer to end!

Logan eating breakfast with cousins and bapa.

Logan and Daddy climbing the mountain.

David's arm after getting hit by a rock.

Logan playing in the water. He loved throwing rocks in and getting all wet. He was in heaven.

The group at the back of the cave.

David coming out of the cave.

The cave crew!

David's arm last night. You can't really tell because of the lighting but it got pretty bruised.


christy said...

no one told me I was supposed to kiss the wall in the cave. Now I will have horrible luck! Or maybe if it isn't MY tradition I can just go along oblivious to the luck of the rock

Rachel Washburn said...

Thats scary about the rocks falling. Thats good noone go seriously hurt! Looks like it was a lot of fun!